Why Should I Replace My Furnace When Having New Central AC Installed?

July 7, 2019

Replace Furnace When Having New AC InstalledIf you’re looking at having a new, premium central air conditioner installed, and your furnace is starting to show its age – or heating bills are starting to climb – we recommend having the heating and cooling installation work done at the same time. There’s other good reasons to consider, as well. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start shopping:

Understanding ‘Matched Systems’

The main components in a central AC system are the outdoor condensing unit, the evaporator coil (aka. ‘A-coil’) located in the metal ducting by the furnace, and the furnace itself, which delivers the cool air to your home. All three must be properly matched with each other, and also with the capabilities of your home’s ducting system (a subject for another time). Whenever a new central air conditioning system is sized and installation is quoted, a new A-coil is included in the plan and the existing furnace’s blower ratings are carefully checked. In some cases, it’s necessary to upgrade the furnace in order to have enough fan power to properly cool the home.

Variable-Output and Two-Stage Central AC

The central AC systems that offer the very best combination of high-efficiency performance, the quietest sound levels, and the most even, most comfortable cooling around the entire home are variable output and 2-stage systems. In order to take advantage of the considerable benefits provided by these popular air conditioner options, a furnace with matching features is required. So maybe not such a great deal, after all? – Think again.

We recommend that you take the time to learn about the benefits provided by variable output and 2-stage furnaces during the heating season – benefits similar to their corresponding AC systems, except on the ‘other side of the coin,’ providing high efficiency, quieter, less intrusive operation, and more even, more comfortable heating throughout the wintertime!

Does variable output central AC make sense for my home?


Streamlining The Installation Process and Saving Money

If the existing furnace is replaced when new central AC is installed, the sheet metal box and adapters that connect the A-coil to the furnace will only need to be built once. If the furnace replacement is done later, a new set of custom fabrication will likely need to be built: more shop work and more cost added to the furnace job. In addition, if all this work is done together, there won’t be the need to spend additional time adjusting the refrigerant charge or possibly having to fully recharge the system, compared to if the furnace work is done at a later date. More savings!

Package System Rebates and Discounts

There may be special discounts or rebates available from the equipment manufacturer and/or your trusted HVAC contractor when you combine the two jobs into one. Combined with high efficiency AC and furnace rebates available from Xcel Energy throughout much of the Denver-Boulder area, total savings can be a significant dollar figure. Save Home Heat Company‘s staff is expert at helping our customers combine incentives for maximum savings, and in assisting them with submittals.

Improved Filter Access

If getting at your furnace filter for regular checking and replacing has always been a pain in the butt, take advantage of the opportunity of a new furnace installation to have that corrected. A properly installed, user-friendly, well-maintained furnace filter provides important protection for the cooling system’s A-coil (think lots of aluminum fins, like a car radiator) against dust and other airborne debris blowing thru your ducting system. A poorly installed or poorly maintained furnace filter could mean real trouble for your cooling system, as well as your monthly utility bills.

Enhanced IAQ Products

Better yet, when you’re planning to have this work done, take a closer look at high-performance furnace filters – some of them need replacing only once a year, and they provide even greater protection for your system’s cooling coil. Other indoor air quality (IAQ) products that also make sense to learn more about are central humidifiers and central air purifiers. These products can help turn your forced air heating and cooling system into a real home comfort system! Once again, there are dollar savings to be had if you choose to bundle.

Consult Professionals to Help With Your Decision

In the Denver-Boulder area, if you’re considering having a new central AC system installed, we recommend you seek the advice of Save Home Heat Company to professionally assess your home’s needs. We’ll listen carefully to your input, and we’ll educate you and discuss options that make sense for you to consider – all in a low-pressure manner. You can trust us to always have your best interests in mind.

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