Why Variable Output and 2-Stage Air Conditioners Are Great Central Cooling Options

May 15, 2019

Variable Speed vs. 2-Stage Air Conditioners from Save Home HeatCentral air conditioners allow you to cool down your whole house with one unit, using your furnace’s ducting system to deliver cool air to all levels and rooms. If you are thinking about replacing an old, inefficient central AC unit, or are looking to purchase your home’s first central air conditioning system, there are many good options to choose from.

Single-stage systems like we’ve been used to for many years are still readily available, and they are more efficient and quieter than ever. However, if you are interested in attaining greater comfort levels, quieter, less intrusive operation, and even lower utility bills, then you should take the time to learn about the benefits of variable output and two-stage central air conditioners.

Variable Output Central AC Systems

Variable output central air conditioners, also known as variable-speed air conditioners, automatically adjust their cooling output according to the exact needs of the home, providing more AC when outdoor temperatures start to climb, and only what’s needed when it starts to cool off outside. These state-of-the-art units adjust their cooling capacity in very small increments (typically 1% steps), dialing in precisely the amount of cooling needed to maintain indoor temperatures within a narrow band of desired comfort at all times.

Variable output air conditioners frequently run at reduced cooling levels and fan speeds, which translates to extremely quiet operation (indoors and outside), lower electrical consumption, and longer system run-times. The longer, less intrusive cooling cycles provided by these systems means that homes with upper levels or rooms that are often much hotter than the rest of the house will have greater opportunity to circulate cool air to those problem areas. The result: more even cooling around your home, without a wind tunnel coming out of the registers. In addition, the longer system run-time means that your furnace filter will have more time to do a better job cleaning your home’s air.

In order for a variable output central AC system to perform as designed, it must be matched with a variable speed furnace that can accommodate its enhanced features. Not infrequently, this requires upgrading the existing furnace. On the surface, this sounds like maybe not such a great deal, after all – until you start learning more about the similar benefits provided by variable speed furnaces during the heating season: improved comfort, more even heating, quieter operating levels, lower utility bills, and more.
So if you are looking for a central air conditioner for your home that provides the ultimate in quiet, effective, accurate, efficient cooling, we recommend that you focus your attention on a variable output system.

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2-Stage Central AC Systems

Two-stage central air conditioners provide benefits similar to variable output systems, but in a simpler, more affordable package. Two-stage AC systems operate in either high output mode, 100% of capacity, or in ‘low,’ providing one reduced level of cooling. Compared to standard single-stage air conditioners, 2-stage systems are much quieter, use less electricity, and help reduce wide temperature swings around the home. Similar to variable output systems, the longer run-time associated with the low stage also assists with furnace filter performance.

As with variable output systems, 2-stage air conditioners also must be matched with a compatible furnace, in this case, a 2-stage furnace. As we alluded to above, replacing an existing furnace so that you can enjoy the benefits of a fancy new air conditioner might seem counter-intuitive – that is, until you begin learning more about the benefits provided by 2-stage heating, benefits that you’ll be able to reap for years to come.

Find the Right Solution for You

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