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Lennox ThermostatWe will help you find the right device to control the temperature and humidity in your home. Today, thermostats are available that allow you to control your heating and cooling system from your mobile device or computer. Whether you’re looking for something basic or more complex for your home’s indoor air quality, we have the right product for your home.

Professional Thermostat Service

We carry a wide range of thermostats for your Boulder-Denver home. Basic, lower cost models are available that simply ‘turn it up and down.’ More advanced models can control your humidifier, be controlled while you’re out of town, send you an alert if there is a problem, or even allow you to carry a remote from room to room so your comfort setting moves with you.

Features Available on Certain Model Thermostats:

  • 7-day, weekday/weekend programming, or basic non-programmable
  • Wireless options
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote control when you’re away from home
  • Smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop enabled
  • GPS coordination to automatically adjust heating or cooling when you leave or come home
  • System status alerts that can be automatically sent to your smart phone or other devices
  • Auto changeover to and from heating and cooling modes
  • Adaptable programming that learns your lifestyle & automatically programs your system
  • Auto adjust to and from Daylight Savings Time
  • Voice accuated control
  • Increased screen size
  • Customizable touch screen
  • Backlit screen with customizable background color
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity display
  • Humidifier control
  • Filter change reminders
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Lennox 7500 Thermostat

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