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Like some of the other plumbing systems in our homes, we don’t typically think about the drains from our sinks, bathtubs and showers, toilets or laundry, until problems make themselves painfully obvious.

Standing water where there shouldn’t be any, overflows with water or sewage spilling onto the floor, or bad odors associated with your home’s plumbing can point to needing attention from a qualified plumbing specialist—fast!

Drain Cleaning and Repair Services - Save Home Heat

Save Home Heat Company offers drain cleaning and drain maintenance services for your home. Whether it’s a stopped up shower drain, kitchen or bathroom sink, or a clogged sewer line in the basement or crawlspace—or even tree roots invading the sewer line outdoors underground—you need a professional who has the experience and specialized equipment needed to diagnose and solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Save Home Heat’s plumbing department Drain Services specialists are ready to respond promptly and get your drain system back in proper working order so you can resume normal daily activities.

Warning Signs Of Drain Problems

Part of being a conscientious homeowner is keeping your eyes and ears peeled for any potential issues that may be developing in your home. In the case of your drains, we think it’s a good idea to keep your nose on the alert, too! Here are some common signs that your drains may need attention:

Drain Symptoms Inside Your Home
  • Odors associated with drains
  • Discolored water backing up a drain
  • Fluctuating toilet water levels
  • Drain issues with all fixtures on lowest level of home – could point to main sewer line issue
  • Slow drains
  • Recurring clogs
  • Multiple fixtures draining slowly
  • Gurgling noises from sinks, shower, or toilet
Drain Symptoms Outside Of Your Home

These symptoms typically point to an issue with the main sewer line:

  • Water pooling or very damp in specific areas of your lawn
  • Sewage smells coming from your yard
  • Unusually green, extra-lush areas of your lawn
  • Unexplained indentations or settling in lawn, garden, or walkways

Causes Of Drain Problems

Tree roots in sewer line - Save Home HeatThe causes of drain issues indoors can vary widely, from organic debris such as hair, grease or food waste bonding together to make a messy clog ball, to sediment buildup, to all sorts of unusual items mysteriously finding their way down the pipe to where they just don’t belong. One of our long-term employees still vividly recalls flushing plastic toy submarines repeatedly, at his older brother’s urging, when he was about four years old!

Tree roots are a common clogged drain issue in our dry Colorado climate. Your home’s main sewer line, running underground across your yard to join the municipal system, is a great source of water and nutrients for thirsty, hungry trees, especially during the spring and summer growth spurts. Tree root intrusion into your sewer line – however those persistent roots can manage it – can cause a myriad of related problems back upstream, affecting your entire home.

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Our team recommends having your main sewer cleaned and inspected annually. Please speak with one our friendly service representatives to arrange having this important drain system annual maintenance pre-scheduled for you each year.

The simple aging process can also make its presence known in your drain piping, in the form of deteriorating cast iron, copper, clay, or plastic piping (even wood!).

Regardless of the cause of your drain issue, it usually doesn’t take long for you to determine when common off-the-shelf drain remedies won’t do the job, and you need to call in a pro. Please make special note: Many of our customers don’t realize that some of those hardware store solutions can cause significant long-term issues for the health and durability of your drain piping, even while solving your immediate problem!

Boulder Drain Cleaning & Residential Drain Repair Services:
  • Conventional plumbing snake/auger
  • Bio cleaning products & methods
  • Cabling machine for root intrusions & difficult clogs
  • Sewer & drain line inspections employing Sparvision 200 digital camera technology
  • Broken and deteriorated drain line repairs & replacement
  • Trenchless & excavation procedures for outdoor underground repairs
  • French drains to protect your foundation & basement
  • Drain line maintenance
  • Pre-purchase & annual drain system inspections
You can count on our residential plumbers. Our home drain services specialists provide the same high level of professionalism and customer service that you have come to expect in the 40-plus years we have been serving the greater Denver and Boulder community. Call us today to schedule a Boulder Drain Cleaning! Our plumbers can take care of any home drain services that you need. Please give us a try for your next drain line emergency, and to help you keep this important part of your home plumbing system in good working order, now and in the future. Check out our complete line of plumbing products and services for your home.
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