Garage and Warehouse Heaters

Vented space heaters can include ceiling suspended ‘bay’ heaters, wall mounted gas heaters and heat pumps. Modern units are sometimes available offering more efficient, stylish and comfortable operation than their old counterparts. Ceiling suspended bay heaters are commonly used to heat garages, warehouses and commercial spaces. Basic and reliable, these heaters have no duct system, instead of circulating air directly from the heater. Basic models are often installed in commercial applications while more attractive, compact models are available for residential garages.

Gas Wall Heaters

Wall mounted gas space heaters are typically used to heat individual rooms or areas that aren’t addressed from a central heating system. Mountain cabins and additional areas added to homes are common applications. We have more rudimentary models when a no-frills solution is best and more stylish, quiet and effective systems when a more elegant approach is preferred.

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