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For Boulder-Denver homes heated by a hot water boiler, indirect-fired water heaters are a great water heater option that can significantly increase your hot water supply, improve efficiency, and reduce system recovery time. Operating as a separate zone off your boiler, an indirect-fired water heater, also known as a sidearm tank or indirect water heater, provides substantial amounts of domestic hot water, in virtually all cases far outperforming the capabilities of a conventional gas or electric water heater.

Fast & Efficient Hot Water

Triangle Tube Water Heater with Smart Series Indirect Water Heater - Save Home HeatAn indirect-fired water heater has no burners and burns no gas. Instead, it contains a highly efficient internal heat exchanger which gets its heat from the home’s central boiler. The heat exchanger heats your domestic water at the same efficiency level as the boiler, which is typically more efficient than a conventional water heater. In addition, because the boiler has a large BTU capacity in order to heat your entire home, it can quickly re-heat the tank. In many cases – if possible and if desired by the customer – the indirect water heater can be setup as a prioritized zone on the boiler system, further reducing hot water recovery time. We’ve had some customers comment that their indirect water heaters supply nearly limitless hot water!

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Durable, Efficient Design

Also featuring 2” thick, environmentally friendly, blown foam insulation, plus no flue stack to pull heat away from the tank, indirect-fired water heaters store heat very efficiently and ‘fire up’ far less often than other kinds of tank-type water heaters. With a stainless steel tank, resistance to corrosion and longer tank life is greatly enhanced.


Long Equipment Life & Matching Warranties

Since there is no direct heat source such as the burners in a conventional water heater, an indirect-fired water heater operates in a relatively low-stress environment. Combined with a stainless steel tank, this results in a longer service life than standard heaters. This is reflected in industry-leading warranties, which in many cases offer a “limited lifetime warranty” to the original purchaser. Our professional plumbers would be glad to supply more details.

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