Sealed Combustion Water Heater Installation & Repair

Do you prefer a tank-type water heater, but your Boulder-Denver home can’t accommodate a vent pipe run up thru the roof? Or, is your water heater in a location where combustion air supply from inside your home is a potential safety or code issue? A sealed-combustion water heater installation from our plumbing team may be the answer you’re looking for!


Sealed Combustion Bradford White Water Heater in Boulder/Denver Metro Area

  • 40–75 gallon capacities
  • Piezo igniter
  • Advanced gas valve and safety features
  • Available with additional foam insulation (better efficiency)


  • Use 100% outdoor air for the combustion process
  • Typically more efficient that standard units.
  • Their ability to vent thru the sidewall of your home offers significant convenience and space savings compared to units that must vent thru the roof.
  • Direct vent models require no electricity
  • Power vent models provide significant venting and tank location flexibility


  • Significantly more expensive than standard tank water heaters
  • Venting restrictions on certain models could affect choice of equipment location and selection

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