Whole Home Humidifiers in Boulder/Denver

Standard, flow-through humidifiers are by far the most commonly installed central humidification product. These products are popular for their affordability and reliability and are healthy to use in our dry Colorado climate. For customers who need to control humidity more precisely, we also carry high performance steam humidifiers. These products are designed to be installed on central forced-air heating systems.

Why Humidify?

The advantages of adding more humidity to your indoor air during the heating season are several.

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Here are some of the more important benefits they offer to most families and homes:
  • Help in relieving common respiratory and skin ailments associated with dry air
  • Helping to reduce the viability of airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Helping to protect fine wood furniture, wood flooring, and musical instruments from cracking due to dryness
  • Reduce airborne dust
  • Provide equivalent comfort levels with thermostat set at lower temperature = lower utility bills!

Standard Humidifiers

HumidifiersIn a standard, furnace-mounted, flow-through humidifier, water is evaporated across a special media pad in the humidifier and your furnace delivers the moistened air into your home through the ducting system. Reservoir type standard humidifiers are still available, but the flow-through design is currently the most popular in the residential industry. Because these humidifiers need the heat to be running to be fully effective, a consistent humidity level can be difficult to establish and maintain throughout the entire day.

Think of our beautiful, sunny Colorado days, when your heating system may not need to operate for hours on end. Unless you’ve got a lot of well-watered house plants, indoor humidity could drop significantly under those conditions. So with all standard humidifiers–which need hot air produced by the furnace to do their job properly–, performance can be less than fully satisfactory, at times, especially in larger homes.

Regardless of their limitations, we have found these types of humidifiers to be quite popular with our customers. Our estimators and service techs always make sure that you are fully educated on the humidifier options you are considering, and performance expectations and annual service requirements are part of that important, low-pressure conversation.

Advantages of the Flow-Through Design

Flow-through central humidifiers offer a number of advantages, as compared to other design standard humidifiers or high-performance steam humidifiers:

  • Most affordable style to have installed
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • No standing water to foster bacteria growth
  • Routine maintenance is relatively simple and can often be performed by a capable homeowner; or, can be done by your trusted HVAC professional for a relatively low cost along with your regular annual maintenance

Steam Humidifiers

Steam HumidifierSteam humidifiers should be considered when you want to be sure to establish a consistent humidity level in your home, 24/7. Steam models boil water in the humidifier and use the fan in your furnace or air handler to deliver the humidity into your home. Steam systems are more costly to install, more maintenance-intensive and less reliable than more basic humidifiers–but when you know you want consistent humidification, especially if your home is larger, a steam model may be your only effective choice. This type of humidifier is recommended to help protect wood flooring, antique furniture and musical instruments such as pianos and guitars.

Save Home Heat has many years of experience installing and servicing a wide variety of reservoir and cannister type central steam humidifiers. If you are considering this type of product, we urge you to take advantage of the knowledge we’ve gained along the way. You’ll be glad you did!

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