Federal Income Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Energy Star LogoAccording to a January 2021 ENERGY STAR update, valuable tax credits are still available thru the end of 2021 to help offset an investment made in high efficiency heating or cooling for your home (as well as other energy saving updates). This includes a number of products that Save Home Heat installs (furnaces, AC, heat pumps, boilers, and more).

There are credits also available for certain solar energy system investments. This is a service which Save Home Heat no longer provides, with the exception of one niche product: solar attic fans, also known as solar-powered attic ventilators. According to a U.S. Department of Energy guide released in early 2020, focusing on solar electric applications, this product qualifies for a 22% credit thru 2023, including installation costs.

CONSULT YOUR TAX PROFESSIONAL to confirm the status of these credits, and to determine if you can make use of them. The tax credit information provided on this website is NOT to be taken as professional tax advise!


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