With over 40 years of local expertise, we can make the process of replacing your heating equipment efficient and relaxed. Whether a furnace, boiler, heat pump or gas space heater, our team will walk you through the choices and help you make an educated decision suited to your needs.


Furnace Replacement & Installation

Save Home Heat Furnace Repairs

New Furnace Installation

Most homes and most customers are not exactly alike, so it’s only logical to us that we make furnace recommendations tailored to you and your home. While this may seem like a common sense approach, it is indeed unique.

If the tech from your current heating company comes to the door and asks, ‘Where’s the furnace,’ and then disappears until they’re done and ready to leave, please give us a call to see how Save Home Heat Company operates!



Boiler Installation


Some homes are heated by hot water, supplied by a boiler. Heat is typically distributed through baseboard heaters on the walls, or tubing under the floor.

Save Home Heat Company has over 40 years experience working with standard and high efficiency boilers. We have installed and serviced a wide variety of boiler designs during this time, from basic, ‘old reliable’ cast iron equipment that still has a strong presence in our product line, to the latest innovations and highest efficiencies currently available.

Today’s high-end boiler designs benefit greatly from lessons learned in the earlier days, and our staff’s recommendations reflect that valuable experience.



Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be an effective and efficient source of whole-house or spot heating.

They are available in central and ductless models, and also provide air conditioning!



Air Conditioner Repair Installation and Maintenance Services

Repairs & Maintenance

Our certified technicians are trained to present you with complete information so you can make appropriate decisions when repairs are needed for any of your home comfort systems. We provide you with a firm repair price in advance, so there will be no surprise costs. If you are ever faced with an expensive repair, you may have a choice between repair and replacement of the equipment. In that situation, we’re fully confident you’ll feel comfortable with the ethics of our technicians.

Please call now and arrange for one of our friendly, skilled technicians to assess your needs. Making sure that you are completely pleased with our recommendations and our work is our primary goal.



Vented Space Heaters

Vented space heaters can include ceiling suspended ‘bay’ heaters, wall mounted gas heaters, and heat pumps. Modern units are sometimes available offering more efficient, stylish and comfortable operation than their old counterparts.