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Rinnai Tankless Water HeatersDo you want plenty of hot water in your home but don’t want to sacrifice the space needed for a traditional water heater, complete with a large storage tank? Maybe it’s time you looked into a gas-fired, whole-house tankless water heater.

How does a tankless water heater work without the large reservoir tank of heated water that’s associated with standard water heaters? Tankless water heaters apply a large amount of heat to water flowing through them in order to instantly warm your water for immediate use.


  • Continuous stream of hot water (as high as 4 gallons per minute with some high capacity models)
  • Very high efficiency
  • Sealed combustion operation (safe, quiet, efficient)
  • Saves space—much smaller than a storage tank
  • May qualify for utility company rebates
  • Longer life expectancy than a standard tank style water heater
  • Reduced resource consumption and reduced carbon footprint


  • More complex system requiring annual maintenance
  • More costly to install
  • There may be barriers to installation (potential exhaust pipe and gas line issues)

Tankless Water Heater Expertise

Our plumbing team at Save Home Heat Company has decades of experience installing and servicing the full range of tankless water heater brands available to Denver-Boulder area homeowners. You can trust that the recommendations we make to our customers represent the most reliable, proven designs and well represented brands, and that our work will be performed to the highest standards.

Not only is professional, detail oriented installation of your new tankless water heater crucial, so is proper sizing of your tankless system. Our team will consult closely with you about how we arrived at our recommendations, and how your system will perform under a variety of circumstances. We’ll take the time to patiently and fully answer all your questions in stress-fee manner. Our goal is to supply you with the right hot water solution, that you will be pleased with for many years to come.


Utility company or manufacturer rebates may be available on certain tankless water heater models. Visit our Rebates & Incentives page for up-to-date info!

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