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Rinnai Tankless Water HeatersDo you want plenty of hot water in your home but don’t want to sacrifice the space needed for a traditional water heater, complete with a large storage tank? Maybe it’s time you looked into a gas-fired, whole-house tankless water heater.

How does a tankless water heater work without the large reservoir tank of heated water that’s associated with standard water heaters? Tankless water heaters apply a large amount of heat to water flowing through them in order to instantly warm your water for immediate use.


  • Continuous stream of hot water (as high as 4 gallons per minute with some high capacity models)
  • Very high efficiency
  • Sealed combustion operation (safe, quiet, efficient)
  • Saves space—much smaller than a storage tank
  • May qualify for utility company rebates
  • Longer life expectancy than a standard tank style water heater
  • Reduced resource consumption and reduced carbon footprint


  • More complex system requiring annual maintenance
  • More costly to install
  • There may be barriers to installation (potential exhaust pipe and gas line issues)


Utility company or manufacturer rebates may be available on certain tankless water heater models. Visit our Rebates & Incentives page for up-to-date info!

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