Turn Up the Heat with a Supplemental Gas or Electric Heater!

December 11, 2018

Benefits of Space HeatersIn the Boulder/Denver metro area– where winters are typically long and cold – home heating is of course an important consideration for months on end. Save Home Heat Company provides full heating services to the entire Denver and Boulder metro area, including vented gas and permanent electric heaters to supplement your existing central system or fill a niche need.

What are the benefits of installing supplemental heaters?

1. Cost Effective

Many  supplemental heaters are simpler appliances, as compared to central systems that employ a furnace or boiler. In some – but not all – cases, the simpler designs allow them to be produced at a more affordable price that is passed on to consumers. There are also options for systems that provide high-end comfort and efficiency, and whose prices reflect that. If you are looking to add more heat to your garage, workshop, home office, basement, or even a warehouse, a vented gas space heater might be a great option for you. On the other hand – depending on the application – an electric radiant space heater may be just the ticket for what’s needed!

2. Less Labor Intensive Installation

While large heating systems often need extensive installation of the heating unit and heat delivery system, supplemental ‘space’ heaters can often be much more easily installed, without major labor expended in getting it done. These heaters typically have no duct system and operate by circulating air directly through the heater and right back into the usable space, or in some cases simply radiate heat into the space. We offer a variety of highly effective space heater options, from workmanlike units for areas like a workshop or garage, to more stylish heaters to complement your living space. You can even consider infrared radiant space heaters (gas or electric) for some of those applications.

3. Require Little Room

Electric and vented gas space heaters don’t take up much room and are often easily mounted on the wall or ceiling. There are a broad range of vented gas heaters available, with dimensions and venting configurations to suit many residential applications. The same goes for electric units. Great for smaller homes, condos, apartments, and many of the other uses mentioned above.

How About Portable Space Heaters?

Portable space heaters, which can be purchased at local hardware or department stores – or possibly online, if you trust pictures and descriptions – are another option that you can consider. For short-term needs, or infrequent usage, these heaters can be a reasonable go-to when relatively small amounts of heat are needed. But be careful about relying too heavily on these types of heaters. Generally, they’re not designed for consistent, regular use, and can pose potential safety hazards that permanently installed heaters typically avoid. Another thing to consider about permanent supplemental heaters is that they also add value to your home that portable heaters do not.

What Space Heater Is Best For You?

When it comes to which supplemental heater is best for your needs, it’s important to know that, these days, there’s lots of options. From a variety of direct vent gas wall heaters that we’ve seen in many applications for years, to electric baseboard units, infrared gas and electric radiant heaters, suspended heaters, and panel heaters – to ultra efficient, unobtrusive,  extremely quiet and effective ductless heat pumps, which provide both heat and cooling – the first step is learning more about what makes sense for your needs. That’s where an experienced, capable HVAC contractor can provide invaluable help.

Supplemental Space Heaters in Boulder and Denver, CO

If you are looking for an alternate way to heat your home, or if you need some extra help in certain areas or with a special application, a permanent gas or electric supplementary heater may be just what you need.

Give the experts at Save Home Heat Company a call or visit us online to find out what we can do for your needs.

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