Expert AC Maintenance in Lafayette

In Lafayette, CO, where summers seem to be getting a bit warmer each year, annual maintenance for your central or ductless air conditioning system is important for so many reasons. Assuring the highest efficiency and lowest operating costs, greatest comfort levels, helping maintain trouble-free operation, and increasing system life, protecting your long-term investment are all important considerations. One thorough, detailed service visit each year, along with an appropriate filter replacement schedule, will make a world of difference for your home comfort. If your system hasn’t been serviced yet this year, call Save Home Heat Company to schedule convenient, professional service.

We are proud of our:
  • 40-year strong commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Many awards from Lennox, Xcel, the BBB, Angie’s List, and others
  • Active membership in the respected national industry group Air Conditioning Contractors of America
  • High level of expertise with high-efficiency cooling & heating applications
  • Long term A+ rating with the BBB
  • Friendly, knowledgeable office staff and technicians
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Lafayette AC Tune-Ups

At Save Home Heat Company, we do not rush through annual maintenance visits. Our technicians understand the importance of giving the AC system in your Lafayette home all the in-depth care that it requires, every year. Our goal is to keep your system operating reliably, efficiently, and effectively for many years, so you can maximize the value of your long term cooling investment.
Cooling and Heating Services with Save Home Heat

Our multi-point annual AC tune-up includes, but is not limited to, the following services:
  • Inspect and clean the outdoor condensing unit
  • Test system operation and response from the thermostat
  • Replace or clean furnace filter, as needed
  • Check electrical draw of the compressor
  • Check refrigerant charge and system pressures
  • Check system temperature drop performance

Reasonably Priced Ongoing Annual Maintenance in Lafayette

Save Home Heat Maintenance PlanMany Save Home Heat customers are big fans of the benefits provided by our annual maintenance plans. These comprehensive plans which can be tailored to your specific needs, provide discounted thorough annual maintenance, discounted repairs, replacements, and upgrades all in one convenient, reasonably annual plan. Enjoy the peace of mind of having us take responsibility for scheduling your annual visits, providing these important home systems with expert attention and care that your can trust.

Maintenance plan customers normally receive their annual tune-ups after the big rush of emergency calls at the beginning of the season – when your technician will be able to provide your system with the most highly focused, detail-oriented care. Switching over to this schedule each year will provide exactly what your system requires, at a time when it’s not quite as hectic. All you’ll need to do when it gets warm out is make sure you have a clean furnace filter, turn off your central humidifier (if you have one), and change the thermostat setting. Pretty easy, and a great deal in exchange for significant savings.

Please ask one of our knowledgeable, helpful service dispatchers for more info. and a price quote on a valuable annual maintenance plan for your Lafayette home.

When you hire Save Home Heat Company, the cooling system at your Lafayette home will receive expert professional annual care from a company that always has your best interests guiding the work we do for you. Give us a call today, and learn more about the difference our highly customer-focused process will make for you and your home comfort systems. Not looking for air conditioning maintenance? We also offer AC repair and installation as well as furnace maintenance.

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