Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatAir pollution isn’t just the smog in the sky or smoke from wildfires in the west. It also refers to the air quality inside your home. According to the EPA, levels of certain pollutants could be up to five times higher inside your Northglenn, CO home than outdoors, and there is good reason for you to be tuned in to improving your indoor air quality (IAQ). That’s where our team at Save Home Heat Company can help you with high quality, proven central air purifiers and high efficiency air filters designed for homes that are heated by a central forced air furnace.

Working together, the right central air purifier and high efficiency furnace filter will have a significant impact on reducing airborne pollutants in your home. The results will be numerous, including less dust flying around your home, reduced allergy symptoms, and helping to improve your overall health and comfort.

Air Purification System Installation in Northglenn

REME HALO ProductThe high quality central air purifier that we recommend and install on many residential forced air heating systems is highly effective in neutralizing and reducing airborne and surface viruses and bacteria, mold, smoke, dust, pet dander, VOCs (the potentially harmful class of common household gasses found in cleaners and other products), and more. Featuring state-of-the-art technology employing ultraviolet light and special proprietary catalyst material, this central air purifier treats all of the air in your home, not just the air that’s passing through your furnace and air ducts. It even helps improves the effectiveness of your furnace filter, while also addressing pollutants whose particle sizes are too small for even high efficiency furnace filters to capture. Talk about great teamwork!

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Eliminating VOCs

Volatile organic compounds, better known as VOCs, are chemicals emitted in gas form that derive from many common household products. These include items such as spray cleaners and disinfectants, degreasers, air fresheners, cooking products, wax, cosmetics, printing products, adhesives, solvents, cigarettes, paint, and wood preservatives, even the materials used to build your home and the furniture you relax on. Many homeowners are not aware that these common items in their homes could potentially be causing them harm. In high enough levels, or with sensitive people, VOCs could aggravate or cause serious respiratory conditions or other types of ailments.

A high quality central air purifier will significantly decrease VOCs that you breathe indoors at home and have a positive impact on your indoor air quality and health.

Our Line of Central Air Purifiers Effectively Treats and Reduces:

  • Airborne and surface bacteria and viruses
  • Mold spores
  • Dust, pollen, and pet dander
  • A wide range of airborne chemicals & volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Smoke and many other household odors

High Efficiency Air Filters for Your Furnace

Lennox Air Filters - Save Home HeatA high efficiency media furnace filter (aka. air cleaner) is great in combination with a quality central air purifier. Featuring a highly effective 5 inch thick filter material (or media), they filter a wider range of dust particle sizes, more effectively on all particles, and require replacement less often (approximately every 6-12 months) than standard air filters. Some models feature activated carbon to help reduce odors, as well.

Save Home Heat is a Lennox Premier DealerThe specifics of your home’s furnace system has a lot to do with which product will be best for you. At Save Home Heat Company, we often recommend high efficiency media filters with efficiency ratings between MERV 11 and MERV 16, depending on our assessment of the system and its airflow capabilities.

High Efficiency Media Furnace Filters:

  • Reduce airborne dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens
  • Help remove common viruses, bacteria, and mold from your indoor air
  • Help your furnace and AC system operate at optimum efficiency
  • Provide excellent protection for the indoor cooling coil on central AC systems
  • Work great in combination with a high quality air purifier and a central humidifier
  • Require less frequent replacing and are much more effective than 1” furnace filters
  • Are a great way to improve your indoor air quality and quality of life at home!

Another product that has carved a niche in the residential furnace market are true HEPA furnace filters. HEPA filters first gained a strong reputation in commercial applications such as clean rooms and medical facilities. They are now available for home installation in cases where the existing the system can properly accommodate these ultra high performance filters.

Air Filter Efficiency and Good Airflow

Air Filters AvailableIf you’re considering upgrading your furnace filter, it’s important to be aware of how air filter efficiency can affect the airflow in your home. It’s typical for homeowners to think that the higher the MERV efficiency rating, the better for your system. However, some high efficiency filters may not good matches for highly restrictive systems, so it’s important to talk with your trusted technician to find the furnace filter that’s right for you and your home.

For example, certain high efficiency furnace filters could be too restrictive to airflow for some less-than-optimal or older ducting systems. In these cases, a very efficient filter could potentially limit heating and cooling performance, especially in areas located at the ‘end of the line’ upstairs or on the opposite side of the home from the heater. It’s crucial to properly match your filter with the capabilities of your furnace and ducting system, and that’s where Save Home Heat Company brings a lot of value to the table. We have the knowledge and experience to help you purchase products that are the right fit for your home comfort system, and furnace filters are a critical component.

For homeowners who use 1” furnace filters, we’ve found that MERV 8 filters often are the best call. Filters with ratings near MERV 5, while occasionally necessary because of airflow concerns, should be avoided if possible. At the other end of the spectrum, 1” furnace filters rated above MERV 10 have often been known to pose restricted airflow issues, and have even been know to be the cause of parts failures and shortened equipment life. It makes good sense to seek the advice of experts like our crew at Save Home Heat!

Other Furnace Filter Options

Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions LogoOther high efficiency central air filters available include electronic air cleaners (known for excellent airflow ratings, but maintenance issues, as well) and a variety of hybrid designs that incorporate media filters with ultraviolet light. We would be glad to discuss any furnace filter options you’re interested in with you in an open, informative manner.

Regarding portable air filters, we don’t recommend them for homes that have furnaces due to their limited coverage and often frequent need for maintenance in order to maintain effective performance. They can be kind of noisy, too! Whenever possible, we recommend centrally installed products as the best IAQ solutions.

Your IAQ Team: Central Air Purifiers, Filters, and Humidifiers!

To achieve optimum indoor air quality in your Front Range home, our team recommends combining a high efficiency furnace filter, an advanced central air purifier, and a proven central humidifier to transform your furnace system from a simple source of heating and cooling into a true indoor air quality machine. This three-pronged approach will help improve your health and comfort during the winter months – not to mention all year long for those who have central AC.

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Expert Air Filter & Air Purifier Installation in Northglenn

Our team brings decades of air filtration and purification experience to the table. With our highly customer-focused process, we’re dedicated to serving you in a friendly, low-pressure manner and performing exceptional work every time you give us the opportunity to work in your home.

To learn more about high efficiency furnace filter and air purifier options for you home, or to receive a free, no obligation install quote, please reach out to our team today.

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