Annual Plumbing Inspection

December 21, 2017

Plumbing tech Plumbing is one of those household systems that many homeowners tend to forget about when it’s working flawlessly. It’s an everyday part of your life, but you don’t spend a lot of time considering it until something goes awry. But even before something breaks or stops working properly, there is plenty of benefit gained from an annual inspection of your whole home’s plumbing systems. Not sure why it might be a good idea to have a professional plumber check it out annually? Here’s a few nuggets of knowledge to consider.

Catch Plumbing Problems Early

With an annual plumbing inspection, you are far more likely to catch something before it becomes a serious issue. Things like small leaks in a tub, sink, shower or toilet typically won’t go away on their own, and could lead to much bigger problems down the road. Not to mention that the longer a small leak goes unfixed, the more money you’re being forced to kiss goodbye monthly due to wasted water.

Kitchen Plumbing Check

In the kitchen, a thorough inspector will check the sinks and drains as well as the garbage disposal and any connections to water lines in any of your appliances. Faucets and faucet attachments will also get a good once-over.

Bathroom Plumbing Inspection

When you think routine home maintenance, your mind may not immediately go to the bathroom, but there’s plenty in there to keep an eye on. Your toilet, for instance, has a shutoff valve, a flush valve, and a drain flapper, all of which are crucial to proper performance and water conservation. Plus there’s the sinks, the shower and/or tub drains, and all the faucets/shower heads, etc. to test for proper working condition and efficiency. If you don’t have a whole house water filter in Colorado, be on the lookout for mineral deposits and buildup.

Water Pressure

Water that comes into your home is pressure-controlled, thanks to a pressure reducing valve (also known as a PRV). The PRV is a crucial piece of equipment in your home’s plumbing system, but it has a limited lifespan and is susceptible to falling out of adjustment, so having this valve professionally tested during an annual plumbing inspection can help you avoid water pressure issues that can damage your water heater, plumbing fixtures, and appliances.

The ‘Other Stuff’

Of course the big stuff is covered in an annual inspection, but perhaps one of the more unexpected benefits of having a professional inspect your home plumbing systems every year stems from “the other stuff,” or the plumbing systems that are less obvious because you rarely, if ever, see them. Along with all the “obvious” things, we’ll also inspect your sump pump, perform a visual inspection of all exposed drain lines and water lines, test shutoff valves to the house and to the water heater and other appliances, check your water heater, inspect gas lines for leaks, look for any signs of leakage or water damage from internal drain lines and fixtures, and discuss any water quality concerns we may have with you.

One thing’s for sure, with a Save Home Heat annual plumbing inspection, no stone will be left unturned. Suggestions will be offered to help protect your home and keep your plumbing system in good order. Prevention is often the biggest key to avoiding huge expenses later, so whether you’ve been noticing something amiss for awhile or things have been seemingly running just fine, it’s worth having your home’s entire systems looked at annually. If you’re looking for someone to see what’s going on with your home in the Denver/Boulder area, give us a call.