Are Furnace Maintenance Plans Worth It?

January 9, 2019

Are Furnace Maintenance Plans Worth ItMany people wonder if having a furnace maintenance plan is worth the cost. So what are the benefits of having furnace maintenance done and is it really necessary? We are here to answer that question! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing in routine annual furnace maintenance.

1) Reliability: Reduce The Chance Of Your Furnace Having A Breakdown

If you live in a cold area like Denver, CO, then you should take preventative action to reduce the chances of your furnace breaking down. Not only is it dangerous to have your furnace break down in the middle of the winter, but it can also be very costly. When the technician performs annual maintenance, a performance check will be done on the system to ensure that the parts and the unit as a whole, are operating properly. If our technician suspects wear and tear that could result in untimely, undesirable equipment failure, then we’ll discuss our recommendations with you and help you decide if now is the right time to replace any parts. No pressure, no hard sell. We believe in providing ample amounts of information to our customers so that they can make an informed decision.

2) Safety: For You and Your Family

An annual furnace tune-up can help spot and prevent potentially serious problems from occurring. One example is a potential gas leak, such as flammable natural gas or propane that fuel your heating system. Another is the possibility of developing a cracked heat exchanger in an older unit, or in one that’s been neglected. A cracked furnace heat exchanger could pose the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) gas or other products of combustion entering your indoor air. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, which can cause serious health effects (including death). Initial symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include, but are not limited to, flu-like symptoms, dizziness, and disorientation. Very high concentrations of CO can have immediate negative effects, but even lower concentrations over longer exposure periods, can have serious effects. Routine annual furnace maintenance can help keep you and your family safe and significantly reduce safety risks for you and your home. If you suspect a gas or CO leak, and you have a serious health or safety concern, your first step should be to vacate the house and call 911 from outside or from a neighbor’s home. Then contact your trusted HVAC contractor.

3) Energy Efficiency: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save $$$

A clogged or dirty furnace filter will impede airflow through the ducting system, making your heater work harder and longer to keep your home warm. More gas and electricity will be consumed than necessary, with resulting higher utility bills, and comfort levels will also suffer. Poor airflow will also stress your heater, causing it to work harder and longer, increasing the risk of unforeseen breakdowns. A furnace that receives a complete annual tune-up, including filter servicing, will run more efficiently and ensure that your heating bills are as low as possible. Filter maintenance for your furnace is one of the keys. Make sure to discuss with your HVAC technician how often each year – once is typically not enough! – your furnace filter should be replaced to ensure optimum performance and heat delivery to your home. And while proper filter maintenance is key, don’t kid yourself that this is the only attention your furnace needs to continue operating efficiently from year to year.

4) Longevity: Protect Your Investment

Your furnace is one of the major investments that you’ll make in systems that keep your home running smoothly, safely, comfortably and conveniently. Replacing or upgrading your heating system is a long term investment. Ensure that you get your money’s worth out of that expense for many years to come by making the wise investment in a reasonably priced annual maintenance plan for your heating system.

5) Warranty: Safeguard Your Manufacturer’s Coverage

If you recently had your furnace replaced and it is under a manufacturer’s new product warranty, then it is typically required in the small print that you have annual maintenance done on your system in order to comply with the terms of the warranty. In most cases there are also long term warranties provided for the furnace’s heat exchanger. Technically speaking, many warranties may even be considered invalid if routine maintenance has not been performed on a system that is submitting a claim for coverage.

A Bonus For Save Home Heat Maintenance Agreement Customers!

Unlike many of our competitors, Save Home Heat Company maintenance agreement customers receive a number of additional bonuses with their annual comfort system maintenance plans: 1) special discounts on repairs; 2) special discounts on system replacements or upgrades; and 3) annual whole home system assessment visits from one of our certified plumbers, and also from one of our knowledgeable electricians – to help ensure your safety, confirm proper operation of those crucial home systems, and to help spot potential issues before they become front-burner problems.

Annual maintenance for Save Home Heat service agreement customers is normally performed after the rush of no-heat calls in the fall and early winter, and after the rush no-cooling calls in early summer, or during other low-demand periods. This important inspection and maintenance work is intentionally scheduled during times when our technicians are a bit slower, so that we can guarantee that your systems receive all the detailed attention they require each year – without our techs feeling the stress to get to the next no-heat or no-AC call, or a dispatcher need to call you to reschedule because of a ‘higher priority.’ Once you’ve made the change, the benefit is obvious.

Save Home Heat Company is Just A Phone Call Away!

If you would like to schedule an appointment for annual maintenance your forced air furnace, hot water boiler, or other heating systems in your home – or if you have any questions at all – please contact us today!

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