Boiler Work In The Summer?

June 28, 2019

Hot Water Residential Boiler InstallationMake no mistake about it, if your central hot water boiler goes down for the count in the middle of the winter, you can count on us to be there to replace your heater quickly and efficiently. We know that Colorado winters can be as brutal as they are beautiful, and we’re fully prepared to fulfill your needs any time of year.

That said, if you know your boiler is on its last legs, or if there’s a dripping baseboard heater or a zone in your home that needs more heat – or if you want to remodel part of your home or add on a dream addition – be fully aware that warmer months are the best time of year to have this more extensive hot water heating work done.

The Boiler Is the Heart of a Hot Water Radiant Heating System

Your hydronic heating system relies on a network of piping that delivers hot water from the boiler throughout your home, delivering heat through a variety of means, most commonly wall-mounted baseboard heaters. Hot water heat is an attractive option because it allows you to set a lower thermostat temperature (of course not too low!) in other areas, or zones, of your home that are not in use, while you dial it up and stay nice and toasty where you’re spending time. The boiler is the powerhouse of the complete heating system, which can be somewhat complex, or fairly simple.

How do you know when the time is right to move on from your existing boiler?

Some of the factors that may contribute to making the decision are:
  • Age of the equipment
  • Condition of the equipment
  • Service history
  • Cost of needed repairs
  • Inefficient operation
  • Increased heating needs (remodel, addition, etc.)
  • And most importantly, safety concerns

Please call me to pre-schedule annual inspection and tune-up of my boiler!


Plan Ahead If You Can: Replace Your Boiler During the Summer

Here are some good reasons to keep in mind when you start thinking that this summer might be the right time to replace your central hot water boiler, rather than risk another winter:

Water Freezes!

Talk about obvious statements! We’re talking about a water-based heating system. It makes complete sense to avoid shutting it down when it’s cold outside, if that can be avoided. Even if your heating system is charged with propylene glycol anti-freeze, don’t forget about all the domestic plumbing around your home. We perform boiler replacements on a regular basis during the heating season – we can’t tell a piece of equipment when to stop working – and we’re fully prepared to perform quick, high priority, meticulous replacements. But as for major, extensive work in refining, expanding and upgrading your system, the warmer months are ideal.

Beware Murphy’s Law

Borrowing from a well-known axiom, if you wait till the time of year when the weather is coldest outside, be prepared for your heating system to fail at the worst possible time. So our word to the wise, inspired by Capt. Edward A. Murphy, is ‘get your boiler before it gets you.’

Upgrades and Remodels: Smooth Sailing During the Summer

Towel WarmerIf you have plans to remodel or finish parts of your home or have a dream addition getting ready to go, logic dictates that work on the central hot water heating system should go most smoothly during the spring and summer – not that the rest of the year is off limits. We’ve got the experience needed to navigate a variety of work scenarios.

If we’re doing significant work that involves a new boiler, new zones, baseboard upgrades, modern radiators (checkout hydronic towel warmers!), in-floor heating, and maybe an indirect-fired water heater, for example, you can see why doing this work might be less stressful when outdoor temperatures are well above freezing. The bottom line is this: If your boiler job, large or small, needs to be done promptly and professionally, in the Denver-Boulder area call Save Home Heat Company and we’ll do our very best to fit efficiently into your schedule – and we’ll get the job done right.

Schedule Your Boiler Assessment Today

Get the jump on next heating season and pre-schedule annual maintenance for your central boiler and hot water heating system now. Ask us about an annual maintenance agreement to help assure safe, reliable, efficient operation, and longer equipment life. Not only do maintenance agreements provide discounted annual service and special savings on repairs and replacements, but they also relieve you of the responsibility to call and schedule an appointment. Speak with one of our service representatives to learn more about pricing and scheduling.

If your boiler is up there in age and all signs point to needing a new unit soon, don’t wait till it gets cold out to start thinking seriously about it. Start researching now and learn about options that make sense to consider for your home. Obtain free install quotes and see what special incentives might be available this year. Equipment and labor prices continue to creep upward, so if you’re not planning to go anywhere, and this project has been hovering around the ‘big stuff’ to-do list, think about installing a new boiler this summer. Enjoy peace of mind this winter as the cold winds blow and you reflect on your nice, warm home.

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