Can Heating Systems be Recycled?

November 26, 2018

Many homeowners are turning to energy-efficient appliances to save money on their energy bills. While it’s good for your wallet and the environment to buy energy-efficient appliances, you should make sure to recycle your old appliances. If you’re replacing your furnace, here is some information about how you can recycle your old furnace.

Large Appliances Recycling Preparation

How to Recycle Your Furnace and Air Conditioning Equipment in Boulder, CO - Save Home Heat

  • Turn off the furnace for several days before you recycle it
  • If you purchased a new furnace and it’s being delivered and installed, you should ask the HVAC company to haul your old furnace away
  • Some HVAC companies recycle old HVAC appliances free of charge
  • If your furnace still works and is not more than five years old, you should consider donating it
  • Furnaces can be donated to their ReStore locations, which are located throughout the United States
  • Tape any doors of the furnace with duct or masking tape so they don’t open during transportation
  • Use a dolly to transport the appliance to the truck or curb. Don’t attempt to carry the furnace unless you have help

Recycle Your Old Furnace in Boulder, CO - Save Home Heat

Is Recycling Your Furnace Important?

The main reason you should recycle furnaces is that it consists of a significant amount of scrap metal. Furnaces account for a significant proportion of the steel recycled in the United States every year.

Many utility companies will offer you credit to buy a new furnace to recycle the old furnace. Therefore, not only will you save money on your energy thanks to the new furnace, but you will also receive money from your utility company for recycling the old one.

Furnace Replacement in the Boulder and Denver, CO Area

Furnaces are often incorporated bulky waste collection programs. These programs are a type of curbside recycling. You will need to schedule the collection of your furnace with the waste office in your local area. For more information about heating systems and whether they can be recycled, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Save Home Heat Company!

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