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At Save Home Heat Company, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the highest levels of safety, comfort, efficiency, and convenience in your home. Among products and services focused on your safety, we provide carbon monoxide detector services for homeowners in Lafayette, CO and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced electricians and friendly staff are standing by to assist you in improving your ability to detect unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in your home. In these and all the services we provide you, our team is committed to exceeding your expectations and earning your trust and future business.
We have been recognized for our high level of service by consumer advocacy groups like the Denver-Boulder Better Business Bureau and many others. When it comes to reliable, quality home services, our customers have trusted Save Home Heat Company since 1979.

We Provide:
  • New Carbon Monoxide Detector Installations
  • New Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installations
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Detector Replacements
  • CO and Smoke Combination Unit Installations
  • Wireless, Communicating Alarms & Detectors
  • Assessment of Placement and Quantity
  • Product Selection Assistance

Keeping Your Home Safe from Carbon Monoxide

Kidde Smoke and CO Detector InstallationCarbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that presents a very real danger if present in your air supply in unsafe levels. Appliances in your home like furnaces, fireplaces, and water heaters have the potential to leak carbon monoxide, and even gas ranges and ovens produce carbon monoxide while operating – which is why it’s vital to your safety to take preventative measures to protect you and your family. By having carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll be alerted at the first sign of an unhealthy level of CO in your home.

Safeguard Your Home Against Unhealthy Carbon Monoxide Levels By:
  • Testing CO detectors monthly
  • Having CO detectors placed strategically in your home
  • Having routine maintenance performed on your gas appliances annually
  • Replacing batteries in detectors each year
  • Replacing detectors every 5 to 7 years

Expert Carbon Monoxide Detector Services

By having carbon monoxide alarms and detectors placed strategically throughout your home, you can rest easy knowing that you have constant monitoring of CO in your air supply. We can help you identify the best places to have these devices installed, and our experienced electricians perform installations in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else in your home that will help maximize the coverage of your CO detection system. We recommend testing each device monthly to ensure they are working properly and having them replaced after 5 to 7 years of use. Carbon monoxide detectors made after 2009 will give a “chirping” noise when they are nearing the end of their effective lifespan, so paying attention to your alarms and detectors will allow you to stay on top of having full protection in your home. Make sure you can tell the difference between those chirps and low-battery signals. We can replace any old devices, and our product line also offers combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for added convenience.

Licensed Master Electrician in Lafayette,ColoradoAt Save Home Heat Company, we truly appreciate being able to make lasting connections with our customers and providing a range of services that you can depend on year after year. Your satisfaction and repeat business is paramount to what we have built, and we constantly work towards exceeding your expectations.

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