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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatWhen the winter weather rolls in, many homeowners expect dry indoor air conditions that result from regular use of their furnace, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Save Home Heat Company offers professional installation and expert recommendations for central humidifiers for homeowners in Lakewood, CO and the surrounding Denver-Boulder communities.

Our team can help you control and optimize the humidity levels in your household by assisting you in determining if a central humidifier is right for you and your home, and helping you choose the product that makes sense for you and your home. You can count on our highly-skilled, experienced team at Save Home Heat Company to install your new quality central humidifier with the expertise and attention to detail needed to get your job done right.

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Humidity and Your Lakewood Home

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Not every household requires additional humidification, but many homeowners that depend on a forced-air furnace for heating are likely to benefit from a central humidifier. By complimenting your home comfort system with a humidifier added to your existing central ducting system, you can help protect you and your home from many common wintertime indoor issues. By optimizing humidity levels in your home, you can prevent problems such as cracked or deteriorating wooden furniture or flooring, dry skin and itchy noses, as well as enjoy comfort with the thermostat turned down a few degrees—resulting in savings each month on utility costs.

Major benefits of using central humidifiers:
  • Enhanced protection against common respiratory and skin issues resulting from poor humidity levels
  • Increased protection from airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Help protect valuable wood investments such as flooring, furniture, and pianos
  • Reduce airborne dust, pet dander, and more
  • Reduce or eliminate static electric shocks
  • Provide equal comfort with lower thermostat temperature, meaning lowered utility bills

Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions LogoNot every Lakewood home is the same, and our team takes into account the specific and unique circumstances of you and your household when offering recommendations about whether or not the addition of a central humidifier is right for you, as well as which product we feel makes the most sense for your home. In the Denver-Boulder metro area, we recommend scheduling a professional assessment with one of our home comfort specialists, to provide you with the information you need to make a decision that best suits your needs. Our team does not engage in high-pressure sales tactics, rather, our approach involves providing you with ample information and completely answering all your questions so that you can make a decision you can feel comfortable with, now and in the future.

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Which Central Humidifier is Right for My Home?

When considering a central humidifier for your home, some homeowners may opt for good quality portable units. At Save Home Heat Company, our experience is that these devices, even using more than one, typically do not provide sufficient humidity for an entire home, and they tend to be a bit of a hassle to operate and maintain throughout the entire heating season. For reliable whole-home humidification, if your home has a central ducting system (usually a furnace), it makes sense to learn about central humidifier options.

Standard Flow-Through Humidifiers

The most popular central humidifier design is the standard, flow-through humidifier, which uses heat produced by the furnace to evaporate water that is then blown into the home through the central ducting system.

If your furnace operates consistently during the heating season, this type of humidifier can provide effective humidification to the home, but humidity levels can be expected to fluctuate as furnace run-time decreases (ie. stretches of beautiful sunny days).

Standard humidifiers are comparatively affordable compared to other design units, and annual maintenance is fairly basic. They are a good option for homes that could benefit from some additional humidity, without the requirement for constant, strict levels at all times.

Central Steam Humidifiers

The other popular central humidification option is the steam humidifier, which boils water and creates vapor inside the unit, and uses the fan in your furnace (or air handler) to deliver humidified air to the home.

Steam humidifiers do not require that the furnace be operating in the ‘heating’ mode in order to humidify your home, and therefore are capable of providing consistent performance 24/7, regardless of the heating needs of the home. High-performance central steam humidifiers provide the most reliable, consistent control of indoor humidity levels regardless of the time of day or outdoor weather conditions. This makes them the best choice for helping protect valuable home wood investments, as well as providing dependable humidity levels in the case of a health issue.

Central steam humidifiers are on the higher-end cost-wise, and their annual maintenance requirements are more detailed and crucial. However, they are much more effective than the standard option If you need consistent, reliable humidity levels in your home around the clock.

Your Local Home Humidification Pros

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