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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatDuring our wonderful winters in the Denver-Boulder metro area, homeowners, of course, rely on their heating systems to keep their homes warm and comfortable. The natural offshoot of this is that heating systems cause the indoor humidity to drop, in many cases causing a variety of uncomfortable or unhealthy conditions. If your home is heated by a central forced-air furnace (or another central ducted system), you most likely have the option of having a central humidifier installed on your system, capable of increasing humidity levels in your entire home and helping to alleviate many of those issues.

Our team at Save Home Heat Company is ready to assist you in determining if a central humidifier makes sense for your home, and to help you decide which product make the most sense to fill your needs. All in a friendly, informative, low-pressure manner!

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The Benefits of Central Humidifiers in Louisville

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Many Louisville homeowners are familiar with the common issues that low humidity levels can create in their homes. Dry skin, an itchy throat or nose, watery eyes, cracked wooden furniture or flooring are all symptoms of less than ideal indoor humidity levels. There are even potential health risks that can develop when your indoor air is too dry. It can be seen, therefore, that increasing indoor humidity levels can more than just a luxury, it can be a real game-changer for your quality of life and even your health.

Central humidifiers can provide:
  • Greater protection from airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Increased resistance to common indoor winter respiratory and skin conditions
  • Reduced airborne dust, pet dander, and more
  • Relief from static electric shocks at home during the winter
  • Help protecting valuable wooden investments such as flooring and antique furniture
  • Equivalent comfort levels with a lower thermostat temperature, resulting in lowered utility bills!

Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions LogoOur highly experienced team at Save Home Heat Company understands that each home and family in Louisville has its own unique set of needs and conditions, and we take all of this into account when making recommendations for your home. Our primary goal is to assist you in making a decision that you will feel comfortable with, now and in the years to come. You can trust our experience and expertise to fit you with the right product and to get your job done right.

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Central Humidifier Options in Louisville

Standard Flow-Through Humidifiers

The most popular type of central humidifier is the standard, flow-through design unit, which uses the heat produced by your furnace to create water vapor that is then circulated to the home thru the ducting system.

Flow-through humidifiers provide effective whole-home humidification whenever the furnace is being used to consistently provide heat to the home. During periods when furnace run-time is reduced (ex. periods of mild, sunny days), standard humidifiers will still be effective when the heat is operating, but they may not always be able to achieve optimum humidity levels.

Standard flow-through humidifiers are the more reasonably priced central humidifier option, and their annual maintenance needs are relatively simple. They are a great option when additional humidity is desired but the need is not crucial.

Steam Humidifiers

The other popular central humidifier option is the steam humidifier, which creates its own water vapor inside the unit, not needing heat produced by the furnace to do its job.

Central steam humidifiers are the most effective, highest performing central humidifiers, and are capable of maintaining consistent humidity levels around the home at any time of day, 24/7, regardless of whether the furnace is needed to heat the home. When only humidity is needed, the furnace fan and ducting system are used simply to circulate humidified air to the home. The heating function and the thermostat heat setting are unaffected by the steam humidifier, and function as always.

Steam humidifiers require a greater upfront investment than standard units, and their annual maintenance needs are more detailed and crucial, but if consistent, high-performance humidity control is what’s needed or desired for your home, we recommend you learn more about these products.

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A quick note on portable humidifiers: While some homeowners may be tempted to depend on several quality portable units, our team feels that the best way to achieve proper whole-home humidity levels is thru the use of a central unit, whenever possible. We’ve heard too many stories of messy hassles, filling and maintaining multiple units, while much of the home still remains too dry for comfort.

Call Your Local Humidifier Pros

Save Home Heat Service Truck - Denver - BoulderIn the Denver-Boulder area, contact our friendly, knowledgeable home comfort team at Save Home Heat Company for expert assistance to help you determine which type of central humidifier is right for your needs and your home. You can count on our strong commitment to looking out for your best interests and earning your trust and assuring your satisfaction with our work.

With over 40 years of helping Louisville and the surrounding areas achieve higher levels of comfort and convenience in their homes, you can count on Save Home Heat Company for the best in service. If you’re interested in having a central humidifier professional installed in your home, please contact our team today!

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