Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home Heat At Save Home Heat Company, we provide high quality central humidifier installation for Erie, CO homes that are heated by central forced air furnaces. As many Erie homeowners are well aware, it’s common to experience a variety of unpleasant or downright unhealthy impacts from overly dry indoor air during the heating season. A high quality central humidifier can help resolve many of these issues, and our team can assist you with proven, effective, lasting solutions.

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An Overview of Central Humidifiers

It’s not unusual for the humidity in many homes in Erie and neighboring communities to drop to uncomfortable, potentially unhealthy levels at times during the winter. Dry, itchy noses, eyes, and throat are some of the symptoms you may experience. Dry skin, too. Dust might seem to be flying around more than usual, and you may even see the beginning of cracks on valuable wood flooring or fine wood furniture. Medical respiratory conditions could even be aggravated or triggered for at-risk individuals.

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A properly specified quality central humidifier, professionally installed on your furnace system, can go a long way toward solving dry air issues that may be negatively impacting your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ).

The Benefits of Central Humidifiers Include:

  • Greater protection against airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Improved resistance to common indoor wintertime respiratory, eye, and skin issues
  • Reduced airborne dust, pet dander, and more
  • Reduces or eliminates static electric shocks
  • Help protect valuable wood product home investments
  • Equal or greater comfort levels can be achieved at a lower thermostat temperature, resulting in lower utility bills!

Choosing a Central Humidifier in Erie

When considering the installation of a central home humidifier, there are two primary choices to consider. Here’s what you need to know about each of them.

Standard Flow-Through Humidifiers

Lennox Healthy Climate Central Humidifier - Save Home HeatStandard low-through central humidifiers, the easiest to maintain and healthiest standard humidifier design, have been common for years. Like all central humidifiers, they distribute humidified air throughout your home via the ducting system, utilizing the furnace and its fan in the process. It’s important to understand that standard central humidifiers require the heat in your furnace to be running in order to provide humidity. The heat produced by the furnace does the job of creating the water vapor that’s blown into your home. Because of this, their effectiveness depends to a great extent on how consistently your furnace is running. If the furnace is your home’s sole source of heat, then a standard humidifier will often do a good job of humidifying your home.

It’s also important to note that in homes that experience significant solar heating on a daily basis, when the furnace often may not run for hours at a time (and that’s a good thing!), a standard humidifier may not always be up to the job of fully achieving desired humidity levels.

Standard flow-through central humidifiers are available as both bypass models (the simplest design) and power units, which have a built-in fan for slightly higher performance and greater install flexibility. Standard humidifiers are the more affordable models that we install, and their annual maintenance needs are also more moderate in cost.

Central Steam Humidifiers

The other common central humidifier that our team installs are steam units. Unlike flow-through humidifiers, steam humidifiers do not require heat from the furnace in order to function properly. Instead, they boil water internally to create water vapor, which is then delivered to the home through the ducting system by the furnace blower. This is done regardless of whether the home needs heat or not. When the heat isn’t running, the furnace fan operates solely to deliver humidified air to the home. This allows a central steam humidifier to maintain desired humidity levels in the home around the clock, 24/7, a feat that standard humidifiers simply cannot accomplish.

Steam humidifiers are the best choice when consistent humidity is deemed necessary. Whether to assist in alleviating a medical condition or to protect valuable wood or other investments in your home, a high quality, professionally installed central steam humidifier will get the job done for you.

Aprilaire Humidifier InstallationOf special note, if your home gets a lot of solar heating gain on a regular basis during the winter, and the furnace isn’t operating often during the day, a steam humidifier may be worth considering if proper indoor humidity is high on your list of desires. In addition, for larger homes that have only one furnace, a steam unit may be the solution that makes the most sense for you, your family, and your home.

Steam humidifiers do require a higher upfront investment, and annual maintenance to ensure reliable, proper operation is more crucial, but compared to standard units there’s a big difference in performance that in many cases justifies the investment.

Regarding portable humidifiers, our team feels that these units are not a great solution. They offer extremely limited coverage area and often require more routine maintenance than a person may have initially bargained for.

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