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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatWhen the cold Front Range winter weather rolls in and we start to use our furnace more consistently, many homeowners notice the effects this on indoor humidity levels. To better control and optimize indoor humidity, Save Home Heat Company offers expert advice and professional installation for central humidifiers for homes in Longmont, CO.

Our team of comfort specialists can help you determine if a central humidifier is right for your home, and provide recommendations and installation services for a central humidifier that’s the best fit for your needs.

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The Advantages of a Central Humidifier

Lennox Healthy Climate Central Humidifier - Save Home HeatAn itchy throat, dry skin, and cracking wooden furniture and flooring are all signs of less than ideal indoor humidity levels. Many Longmont homeowners have experienced some or all of these symptoms during the heating season. If you use a forced-air furnace to heat your home, adding a central humidifier to your heating system may provide you with a variety of benefits. In addition to assisting with the above-mentioned issues, properly humidified air makes it harder for airborne viruses and bacteria to thrive, and can even allow you to turn down the thermostat setting a few degrees while maintaining the same comfort level. Nice little monthly savings on your utility bills!

Consider a central humidifier if:
  • You use a central forced air furnace and want to improve comfort levels
  • You experience issues like dry skin, watery eyes and scratchy throat during the winter
  • Your home seems especially dusty during the colder season
  • You want better protection from protection from airborne viruses and bacteria
  • You want help protecting valuable home investments such as wood flooring and antique furniture
  • You experience static electric shocks at home during the winter

Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions LogoBecause every Longmont home and family has its unique set of circumstances and needs, we recommend that you schedule to have a member of our home comfort team at Save Home Heat Company visit your home to provide a professional assessment and recommendations. We’ll take the time to educate you on options that we feel make sense for you to consider, and will provide free quotes on any products you’re interested in. Our process is based on providing our customers with ample information and patiently answering all their questions in a low-pressure fashion, so they can make educated decisions that they feel comfortable with.

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Exploring Your Central Humidifier Options

While some homeowners may opt for good quality portable units, our team feels that reliable, effective whole-home humidification for homes that have a central ducting system can best be achieved with a central, furnace-mounted unit. While portable units may be effective for isolated rooms, even in those cases, refilling and maintaining them throughout the entire heating season can be a bit of a hassle. When looking closer at central units, there are two general categories that cover the most popular units available.

Standard Flow-Through Humidifiers

The most popular type of central humidifiers are standard, flow-through humidifiers, which use heat produced by the furnace to create water vapor, which is then distributed to the home through the ducting system while the furnace is operating.

Flow-through humidifiers provide effective humidification when the furnace is operating consistently to heat the home. During times that heat is not needed as frequently (ie. stretches of sunny days), standard humidifiers will be effective when the furnace is running, but may not always be able to achieve optimum levels of humidity during those periods.

Installed costs of standard humidifiers are relatively affordable, and annual maintenance is fairly basic.

Steam Humidifiers

The other popular central humidification option is a steam humidifier, which boils water inside the unit and does not require heat from the furnace in order to create water vapor.

A central steam humidifier is capable of providing and maintaining consistent humidification levels in the home, 24/7, regardless of the home’s heating needs. When heat is not needed, the steam humidifier uses the furnace system simply to circulate humidified air to the home.
Central steam humidifiers are the more costly central unit option, and annual maintenance requirements are more involved and more crucial than standard central humidifiers.

While more costly, central steam humidifiers are the most effective, highest performing whole-home humidifiers available, and are the best call for situations that require consistent humidity levels around the clock, such as helping to preserve expensive wood products – or more importantly, if a health concern requires this level of control.

Your Local Humidifier Professionals

Save Home Heat Service Truck - Denver - BoulderSince 1979, the team at Save Home Heat Company has been assisting homeowners in Longmont raise the levels of safety, comfort, efficiency and convenience in their homes with a full range of home services. Please contact our friendly, knowledgeable team today for expert assistance with your home humidification needs, or for help with any of your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical repairs or projects.

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