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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatWhen the winter season arrives and our heating systems start working steadily, one of the results usually is drier indoor air at home. If your home is heated by a central forced air furnace, homeowners in Westminster, CO and surrounding communities can turn with confidence to Save Home Heat Company for expert advice and recommendations on a central humidifier that’s a good fit for their homes.

Adding a central humidifier to your heating system can provide you and your home with many benefits, and you can rely on our experienced, knowledgeable team to help you make a decision that you will feel comfortable with for years to come. Our process is based firmly on providing our customers with ample amounts of information and patiently answering all questions, all in a low-pressure manner, so they can make educated decisions they feel good about.

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Is a Central Humidifier Right for My Home?

Many Westminster homeowners can attest to the common household symptoms related to low humidity levels. Issues such as dry skin and itchy noses and throats, cracked wood flooring and furniture can all be traced to less than ideal humidity levels inside your home. To help alleviate these issues, the addition of a central humidifier to your existing furnace system might be the right move for your home and family.

Some advantages of central humidifiers include:
  • Greater protection from airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Elevated resistance from common indoor winter respiratory and skin issues
  • Reduced airborne dust, pet dander, and more
  • Reduced or eliminated static electric shocks indoors during the winter
  • Help protecting valuable investments such as wood flooring and antique furniture
  • Equivalent comfort levels with a lower thermostat setting, resulting in lowered utility bills

Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions LogoAs each home and family that we visit presents its own unique set of conditions and circumstances, our team of comfort specialists at Save Home Heat Company will carefully and thoroughly assess your home before providing advice and recommendations for the installation of a central humidifier. Factors that affect our recommendations may include the nature of the existing furnace and ducting system, square footage of the house, health considerations, budget, and more. We will give your job the personalized attention that it requires.

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The Different Types of Central Humidifiers

Some homeowners may consider using a number of quality portable units, but we have found that the best way to achieve proper whole-home humidification is to install a centrally ducted unit whenever the existing heating system makes that possible (i.e. an existing furnace and ducting system). We’ve heard many stories of how much of a hassle it can be to refill and maintain multiple portable units throughout an entire heating season.

Standard Flow-Through Humidifiers

Standard flow-through humidifiers are currently the most popular design unit with our customers because of their relatively low installed cost and basic maintenance needs.

Flow-through humidifiers use heat produced by the furnace to evaporate water and deliver humidity to the home through the ducting system. These types of units provide effective humidification as long as the furnace is operating consistently. During periods when furnace run-time is reduced (ex. long stretches of sunny days), these units will still be effective when the heat is running, but they may not always be able to achieve consistently optimum humidity levels during these times.

Still, the lower initial installation cost and minimal maintenance requirements make standard flow-through humidifiers a good option in situations where consistent humidity is not a primary concern.

Central Steam Humidifiers

The other popular central humidifier option is the steam humidifier, which is the most effective, highest performing type of unit. Steam humidifiers, which produce water vapor inside the unit, do not need heat from the furnace to do their job, and are capable of providing consistent humidity control any time of day, 24/7, regardless of the heating needs of the home.

When only humidification is needed, the furnace fan and the ducting system are used to simply deliver humidified air to the home. The heat and the thermostat continue to operate as usual.

Steam humidifiers require a greater upfront investment, as compared with standard units, and their annual maintenance requirements are more detailed and crucial, but if you desire or need (some reasons may include health considerations) consistent humidity levels in your home around the clock, then it makes sense for your to learn more about central steam humidifiers.

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