Reasons You Should Consider Ductless AC or a Ductless Heat Pump

April 29, 2019

Reasons You Should Consider Ductless AC or Heat Pump in ColoradoDuctless air conditioners and heat pumps continue to grow in popularity, and their applications are more numerous than ever. Also known as ductless mini-split systems, these comfort systems can provide independently controlled air conditioning or heating for as many or as few rooms in your home as you desire. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider for choosing a ductless AC or heat pump system:

Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Both the outdoor condensing unit and the indoor blower units used on ductless systems are extremely quiet. Our customers often comment that the outdoor unit is so quiet that they can hardly tell if it’s even operating, when it absolutely is. The multi-speed indoor blower units also garner the same sort of feedback.

Make the Most of Your Space

The outdoor condensing unit used with ductless systems is typically half the size of the ones used for central AC, and many of these outdoor units can support more than one indoor blower. So the outdoor footprint is pleasingly small.

The modern styled indoor blower units used for ductless systems are also very compact and are typically installed high on an interior wall, up and out of the way for many families. There are also other blower unit options to satisfy a variety of customer preferences.

Cool Your Home Quickly

When it starts getting hot indoors, you can rely on your ductless system to quickly get your living space back to a comfortable temperature. For a properly sized and professional installed ductless system, response time and performance is remarkable.

Fine Tune the Temperature of Each Room

Because ductless systems condition single rooms or defined areas such as a living room, the zoning ability they provide allows you to fine tune the temperature in those areas for specific personal preferences – similar to how hot water baseboard heating systems perform with their job for different parts of a home during the winter.

If your home already has central AC, but certain rooms just bake when others are doing fine, ductless AC is a great option to supplement cooling in those problem areas. We have found over the years that upstairs bedrooms are often candidates for extra cooling, and ductless AC does the job great.

Is a ductless system a good fit for my home?

Add AC Without Requiring Ducts

Mitsubishi Install Indoor Unit Over DoorIf your home doesn’t have a central ducting system, then ductless AC could be the ideal solution for you. The cost of adding a ducting system for central AC to a finished home can often be exorbitant, or the job downright near impossible. Therefore, homes heated by means such as hot water or electric baseboard, or radiant floor, are good candidates for going ductless during the summer.

Solve Heating Problems With A Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless heat pumps are an option well worth being aware of, as they provide both cooling during the summer and heating during the winter. Providing benefits and advantages similar ductless AC, mini-split heat pumps are a great supplemental heating option for areas that need some help during the heating season. Quiet, compact, effective, efficient, unobtrusive heating and cooling.

Peace of Mind With High-Efficiency Performance

A number of ductless systems feature state-of-the-art compressor and fan technology, providing high-efficiency ratings along with unsurpassed performance. Combined with the zoning capability provided by these types of systems, this means that utility bills should be reasonable and manageable, especially as compared with other AC options. Another benefit to add to the list of reasons to consider going ductless.

Operate With Ease

Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are very convenient and easy to operate. They are controlled by a user-friendly, handheld, remote thermostat, which can also be mounted on the wall.


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