Does My Sump Pump Need to Be Serviced This Year?

May 6, 2019

Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance Services - Save Home HeatYour submersible sump pump, if your home has one, might not be an appliance that you think about very often. However, if you’re like many Denver-Boulder area homeowners, you need it to be ready to spring into action when the water level around your home starts to rise – typically, but not always, during springtime. If this important pump isn’t in good working order, you could experience some unforeseen problems at very inconvenient times. To save yourself the trouble of an unexpected flood, make it a habit of paying regular attention to your sump pump every year.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Although routine checks by the homeowner – pouring water into the sump and seeing if the pump activates – can be useful, there’s no substitute for a professional inspection and servicing. In our area, each spring we recommend calling a trusted plumbing company for an annual sump pump tune-up.

Our thorough sump pump inspection includes:
  • Cleaning and testing the float valve switch, which turns the pump on and off
  • Cleaning pump impeller and water intake valve
  • Cleaning sump pit liner, cover, screens and filters as needed
  • Making sure drain lines are clear
  • Inspecting the power supply and all control wiring
  • Testing backup batteries and alarms, if included in system
  • Full testing of system operation

I want to schedule annual service for my sump pump!


Seek Extra Protection With A New Sump Pump

If it’s time to consider a new sump pump for your home, make sure to learn about safety features that are available to help assure your peace of mind when spring runoff starts flowing. For example, many new models offer options such as an alarm that lets you know if the pump stops running and water overflows the sump pit. Some other features available on new sump pumps are a backup battery, great in the event of a power failure, and even an additional pump, to serve as a backup if the primary pump should fail.

Replace When Necessary

In general, sump pumps last about 10 years. If yours is reaching that age or has required multiple repairs in recent years, it might be time for a new unit.

You can rely on Save Home Heat Company to expertly care for the sump pump at your home in the Denver-Boulder area, and to offer you honest, professional advice every time you hire us to work in your home. Please keep us in mind for all your home heating, cooling, plumbing, hot water, and electrical services. Call today to schedule your appointment, and see the difference that our highly customer-focused process will make for you and your home.

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