Banish Dry Weather Problems With a Central Humidifier

January 16, 2019

Banish Dry Weather Problems With a Central HumidifierDry skin, itchy throats, and cracked wood seem par for the course during the winter in the Boulder and Denver area. Slathering on lotion, drinking lots of water, and plenty of natural wood oil are definitely helpful, but installing a central humidifier on your furnace system can be a big help in reducing or solving your dry winter weather woes.

Flow-Through Central Humidifiers

This type of humidifier delivers moisture to your home by directing or blowing furnace air though a special pad in the unit while water flows through the pad. The furnace distributes the humidified air through your ducting system’s vents, adding moisture in every room in your house that’s serviced by the system. These types of central humidifiers are relatively easy to install and are typically attached to the metal ducting by your furnace. They are also the most affordable option for homeowners and their annual maintenance is a relatively easy procedure. Flow-through units do not use a reservoir full of standing water, which allows for healthier operation and simpler maintenance.

Living in the Denver-Boulder area has its many advantages, one of which is plentiful sunshine throughout the year. Great solar gain means that our heating systems may not need to run very often on bright, sunny days – and in the case of a central flow-through humidifier, on those days, the heating system may not run frequently enough to keep your home at optimum humidity levels. These types of units operate only when the furnace is running, and use heat produced by the furnace to do their job. So if you want to make an impact on dry indoor air, but don’t need full humidity control 24/7, then a flow-through central humidifier is a good product to consider.

Central Steam Humidifiers

If you need to maintain a consistent level of humidity in your home throughout the winter, such as for certain health ailments, or home investments like wood flooring or antique furniture, you should look into a central steam humidifier. These humidifiers also connect to the ducting by your furnace and use the furnace fan to deliver humidity, but the difference lies in how moisture is produced. As opposed to using heat produced by the furnace to evaporate water, a steam humidifier boils water inside the unit, creating steam which is then delivered to the ducting system. Central steam humidifiers use only the furnace fan, and don’t need the heat to be running in order to do their job. In the case of larger homes with a single furnace and lots of solar gain, a steam humidifier may be the only type of equipment suited for the job.

So what are the drawbacks of high performance steam humidifiers? Well, cost is the big one. These units are more sophisticated in design and internal parts, and as a result are more expensive. A new electrical circuit is typically required when one is installed, which also adds to the initial cost. Lastly, annual maintenance is a more detailed and therefore more costly procedure as compared to flow-though humidifiers – and if neglected, this will likely result in zero performance and possibly a hefty repair bill.

Central steam humidifiers are not for everyone, but when consistent, optimum humidity control around your entire home is needed, these are the products that will do the job. Note: not all central steam humidifiers are the same. You should work with a contractor who has plenty of experience installing these units, along with the resources and experience to service you properly after the fact.

What About Portable Units?

If you have only used portable humidifiers in the past, you know how cumbersome they can be. From having to constantly refill the reservoir to buying filters, to having moisturized air only where the humidifier is sitting, these machines are an inconsistent and unreliable solution for addressing the needs of an entire home or large area. If your home has a furnace or another type of central forced air comfort system, and dry indoor air is a concern, you should consider a flow-through or steam central humidifier your home.


Our technicians are highly qualified to provide you with solutions tailored to your specific indoor comfort needs. Our many years of experience installing and servicing central humidifiers will ensure that your job is done right, and that you’ll receive the support you need in the future. Call Save Home Heat Company today for honest, friendly, professional advice on a central humidifier for your home.