Electrical Issues in Your Home You Should Never Ignore

May 8, 2018

Electrician After years of owning your own home, you start to discover little quirks. Most are nothing to worry about, a truth you’ve likely learned over time. But there are some issues that pop up that shouldn’t be ignored, and glitches in your electrical system are at the top of the list. Of course, not all electrical issues are dire, but because your home’s electrical components pose one of the highest risks for fire and serious damage, being overly cautious is the better option.

Circuit Breaker Issues

A faulty circuit breaker can cause big problems. Circuit breakers are designed to cut power to the part of your home they serve when they sense an irregularity. If your breaker is failing, you may not be alerted to issues in a timely manner, and that is dangerous. On the other hand, your breaker could be working fine, but ‘tripping’ regularly, cutting off power to a specific area. It’s good that the breaker is working, but it’s telling you that something is awry. If your breaker is tripping frequently, call in the pros. This is a sign that you may be dealing with an overloaded circuit (might be time to unplug a few things in one or more areas of your home!), a defective appliance (perhaps it’s drawing too much energy or surging often) – or a failing breaker, altogether. Keep an eye for the warning signs mentioned above and schedule an appointment with a technician ASAP if you notice them at all.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights, to an extent, may be a quirk of your home, but if lights are flickering in the wind, or dimming when a major appliance like the refrigerator or AC turns on, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. When lights flicker in the wind, it may be an indication that the overhead service from the power company is either damaged or failing. This can cause issues with an imbalance of power coming into your home, potentially causing damage to your electronics. Unfortunately, ‘brownouts’ can’t be avoided, but being aware of the damage it could cause may help you identify important concerns after the storm or wind subsides.

Burning Smell

This one may seem obvious, but some homeowners may write the smell off as related to something else. While a dish left in the oven too long, or pieces of food getting trapped in the burner of your stove can certainly cause a burning smell all their own, if you are catching this scent even when you’re not cooking, your electrical systems may be compromised. Check to see if you have any outlets that aren’t functioning properly (or not functioning at all), or if any of your outlets are warm to the touch. Burning smells may also come from loose connections, or result from current being allowed to flow through deteriorating cords, plugs, switches, or other electrical receptacles. As you probably know, burning smells can lead to fire if not handled in a timely manner. Calling a technician as soon as you notice the unusual scent can save you time and money – not to mention, most important of all, ensuring your home and family’s safety.


This one’s pretty simple. If anything is sparking in your home, call for help immediately. Our knowledgeable techs can help you cut off the flow of electricity to the item that is sparking before we arrive, but this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, no matter what time of day.

There isn’t a way to guarantee you will never have an electrical issue. But the chances are reduced if they are checked regularly by an expert eye. With our annual maintenance plan, our team can help identify and prevent the damaging effects electrical issues can cause. By thoroughly checking all of your home’s comfort and safety systems, we can give recommendations as well as repair any issues that may have come to light since we were last there. If you’re in the Denver/Boulder metro area and are experiencing electrical issues in your home, call our residential electricians today.