Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatThe electrical service panel in your home is the central point of power distribution for all things powered by electricity. Along with the circuit breaker switches it houses, it’s the most important component of your electrical system. If you are considering replacing or upgrading your home’s electrical panel, Save Home Heat Company offers quality, professional electrical service to homeowners in Englewood, CO. Providing high quality home services to Denver-Boulder homeowners for over 40 years, you can trust our strong commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable, lasting results.

Identifying Your Electrical Service Panel

Save Home Heat New Main Electrical PanelThe electrical service panel goes by a lot of names, but don’t let the myriad of terminology confuse you. You might see or hear it called a circuit breaker box, breaker box, electrical panel, service panel, or main electrical panel. They all mean the same thing, the main distribution hub for the electricity running through your home. Usually you can identify your service panel as a grey, rectangular, metal box with a hinged front cover. The panel is commonly found in the garage, the basement, or a closet. mounted on a wall. Sometimes, it is installed in a weatherproof enclosure and attached to an outside wall of your home.

The interior of your electrical service panel normally houses two vertical rows of circuit breaker switches (or fuses, in some very old panels), typically 120 volt and 240 volt breaker switches. The 120 volt breakers take up a single slot, while the 240 volt versions will occupy two slots. 120 volt breakers are more common in residential applications, while 240 volt breakers typically govern power to items such as air conditioners, hot tubs, certain designs of convection ovens and lighting systems, and well pumps.

On the inside surface of the service panel door, there is normally a filled-out list of circuit breakers and which areas or appliances in your home they correspond with. If you feel comfortable doing this, or with the assistance of a trusted electrician, we encourage you to spend some time looking at this list and become with where electricity from the panel flows throughout your home.

Important Considerations for Electrical Panel Installation

Technicians Working on Outdoor Panel - Save Home HeatIt’s not very common for homeowners to be well-versed in the National Electrical Code (NEC) or to know what to check when assessing the condition of their electrical panel. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! Our team of skilled, experienced electricians are very familiar with the safety and installation standards mandated by NEC. You can rely on them to provide clear, accurate assessments of your electrical components, and professional advice and recommendations you can trust.

One of the indicators that new electrical panel installation may be in your future is the age of your electrical service panel, which is often the same as your home. As with many appliances and components in your home’s systems, age slowly takes its toll. In the case of electrical panels and circuit breakers, there is no rule of thumb for when to replace or upgrade, but internal wiring can start to loosen up of connections deteriorate. This underscores the importance of periodically having your service panel looked at, whether for replacement/upgrade or simply your peace of mind.

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - IECRMAnother factor to keep in mind is the electrical load that your system currently handles, versus when your home was built. Many panels are installed with plenty of capacity to handle new appliances, and in some cases, even a major remodel or addition. If there’s any question as to the ability of your electrical panel and breakers to safely accommodate your current collection of electric-powered appliances and your electrical consumption, consult a licensed electrician asap.

Reasons for considering electrical panel replacement in your home may include:
  • Existing electrical panel cannot safely support the current or planned increase of electrical load on the home
  • A desire to bring the existing electrical panel in line with current NEC safety code requirements
  • Internal wiring is showing signs of deterioration
  • Multiple circuit breakers frequently tripping for no good reason
  • Flickering or dimming lights on multiple electrical circuits
  • Service panel is warm or hot to the touch and the cause does not appear to be a specific breaker
  • Rust or burn marks, or unusual smells inside the electrical panel
  • Buzzing sounds coming from the panel, consistent or occasional
  • Strong recommendation from a licensed, professional electrician, due to the age and condition of the panel
  • Specific safety concerns with the panel have been identified!

Electric Panel Circuit Box - Save Home HeatKeep in mind that installing a new electrical panel might not always be necessary or the best solution for a particular circumstance. For instance, the installation of a ‘satellite’ subpanel may be the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for powering certain areas of your home and/or expanding the circuit breaker capabilities of your existing electrical system.

You can count on Save Home Heat Company to provide electrical service recommendations that are the right fit for your home and family. We’ll provide you with friendly, low-pressure, expert advice. Whether you need a full electrical panel upgrade or some other type of solution, you’ve got a trustworthy electrical team in your corner.

Safety is our #1 Priority

A properly operating electrical panel and circuit breakers that reliably and safely supports your home’s electrical needs is essential. Our top priority at Save Home Heat Company is making sure you and your home are safe. We can expertly diagnose electrical issues related to overloading, deterioration, faulty electrical appliances tripping breakers, electrical surges, and more. Being aware of the condition and capabilities of your electrical panel and circuit breakers generally falls under the umbrella of responsible home ownership. We encourage you to get to know your electrical system better and learn about common signs of an electrical issue in your Englewood home.

Expert Electrical Panel Installation for Englewood Homeowners

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatAt Save Home Heat Company, our Master Electrician and our highly skilled electricians provide expert, detail-oriented electrical service and expertise. We pride ourselves on offering proven professional solutions and options for our customers. Whether you need a full electrical panel replacement or a different electrical supply solution for your home, can count on our team for top quality workmanship, dependable solutions, and low-pressure advice and recommendations that are always in your best interests.

To learn more, discuss your electrical service panel options, or to get a free electrical panel installation quote, please contact us today!

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