Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatIf you’re in need of an electrical panel replacement or you’re considering electrical panel and circuit breaker upgrades for your Centennial, CO home, Save Home Heat Company offers reliable, expert, professional service and dependable results. Your home’s main service panel is the hub for everything electrical that goes on in your home. It’s an essential tool that provides safety, convenience, and efficiency for all of your home’s appliances. Our team has plenty of experience with installing electrical panels and you count on us to supply the right recommendations for your unique situation and provide you with great service.

Preparing for Electrical Panel Upgrades

Save Home Heat New Main Electrical PanelYour electrical service panel may go by a variety of names, but they all mean the same thing. Circuit breaker box, breaker box, electrical panel, main electrical panel, service panel—they all refer to the central distribution point for electricity in your home. Typically, electrical panels are a grey rectangular box made out of metal. They are often located on a wall in the garage, the basement, a closet, or sometimes on an outside wall of your home inside a weatherproof enclosure.

When looking at the interior of your electrical panel, you’ll normally see a couple of vertical rows of circuit breakers (or fuses, if it’s a very old panel). The panel houses both 120 volt and 240 volt circuit breakers, which are the two types of voltage used in residential applications. The best way to tell them apart: 120 volt breakers take up a single slot, while 240 volt breakers occupy two slots. Each of these breakers is responsible for controlling the electrical flow to separate circuits throughout your home. There’s usually a filled-out list stuck to the inside of the panel door, which indicates what part of the home or appliance each circuit breaker controls. Some breakers may be dedicated to large appliances or systems such as a furnace, air conditioner, lighting system, or hot tub, due to their higher electrical demand.

Electrical Panel Replacement Considerations

Technicians Working on Outdoor Panel - Save Home HeatAs a Centennial homeowner, it’s unlikely that you’re familiar with the electrical code and know the condition of your electrical panel. Our team of qualified, skilled electricians can be trusted to provide you with a detailed assessment of your panel and breakers, to help determine if any work is needed or is worth considering to help assure and enhance your safety. We’re very familiar with National Electrical Code (NEC) and are glad to provide the guidance you need.

As you weigh your options and consider electrical panel upgrades, there are a number of important things to keep in mind that will assist in the process. One of the most important factors is the age of your electrical panel. If it’s never been replaced, which is often the case, then it’s probably the same age as your home. There is no rule of thumb for the age when an electrical panel needs to be replaced, but as a device ages, it will begin to slowly deteriorate. In addition, NEC continues to evolve and revisions to electrical code that help improve safety standards are an ongoing process. Lastly, the electrical needs of a home sometimes grow, and upgrading an aging service panel to one with greater capacity may come into play as that happens.

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Reasons for considering electrical panel replacement in your home may include:
  • Existing electrical panel cannot safely support the current or planned increase of electrical load on the home
  • A desire to bring the existing electrical panel in line with current NEC safety code requirements
  • Internal wiring is showing signs of deterioration
  • Multiple circuit breakers frequently tripping for no good reason
  • Flickering or dimming lights on multiple electrical circuits
  • Service panel is warm or hot to the touch and the cause does not appear to be a specific breaker
  • Rust or burn marks, or unusual smells inside the electrical panel
  • Buzzing sounds coming from the panel, consistent or occasional
  • Strong recommendation from a licensed, professional electrician, due to the age and condition of the panel
  • Specific safety concerns with the panel have been identified!

Electric Panel Circuit Box - Save Home HeatElectrical panel replacement might not always be the best solution, or even the most appropriate option for the circumstances you’re dealing with. For instance, if you are increasing the electrical load on your home, and the main service panel is in good shape and can handle the additional service, but it doesn’t have enough room for new breakers, the installation of a subpanel, or satellite panel, might be the best course of action. You can trust that our electricians at Save Home Heat will provide trustworthy, honest advice when inspecting your electrical panel and helping you determine the best way to proceed.

Safety is our Top Priority

Having an electrical panel in your home that properly supports your electrical needs is vital to the safety and convenience of your home. Our goal is to make sure that your electrical panel, circuit breakers, and internal wiring are reliable and not overloaded, so they can consistently provide electricity to your home safely. Our team recommends taking the time to get to know your electrical system better, and learning the most common symptoms of a potential electrical problem that should be looked at closer. by a professional.

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatAt Save Home Heat Company, our Master Electrician and skilled electrical team provide trusted, reliable expertise when it comes to electrical panel upgrades and replacements. We have the experience and knowledge needed to recognize when repairs to an existing system will be most logical approach, or when a complete service panel replacement is the best solution. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, dependable work, honest communication. Our professional recommendations are offered in a friendly, low-pressure manner and we take the time to patiently answer all questions to that our customers can make informed decision they’ll feel good about now and for many years to come. No sales hype, no agenda. Our sole focus is your best interests.

Professional Electrical Panel Replacement for Centennial Residents

Our electrical team at Save Home Heat Company is here to partner with you to provide high quality service and reliable recommendations you can count on. To learn more, schedule electrical service, or to get a free electrical panel replacement quote, please contact our team today!

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