Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatIf you’re in need of electrical panel replacement for your home, or you’re considering electrical panel upgrades to bring your electrical system in line with current code, Save Home Heat Company offers quality, reliable service for homeowners in Cherry Hills Village, CO. The electrical service panel plays a vital role in your home’s safety, convenience, and efficiency. It’s the central hub for everything electrical that goes on, from keeping your refrigerator running to plugging in your computer or running the sprinklers. Its performance is crucial to smooth, safe, daily activities at home.

With decades of experience serving homeowners in the Denver-Boulder area, you can be sure you’re receiving the highest level of expertise for your home when you hire our team.

What Is Your Home’s Electrical Service Panel?

Save Home Heat New Main Electrical PanelElectrical service panels go by a number of names, including circuit breaker boxes, breaker boxes, electrical panels, main electrical panels, and service panels. At the end of the day, they all mean the same thing: the central point of distribution for all electricity in your home. The main service panel contains circuit breakers and manages the electricity that goes to all areas of your home. They are usually a grey rectangular, metal box, located on a wall in the garage, in the basement, or in a closet. Sometimes, they are installed outside the home in a weatherproof enclosure.

Inside the electrical panel, there are a few things to take note of. You’ll see two vertical rows of circuit breaker switches (or fuses, if it’s a very old panel), or simply breakers, for short. Residential panels normally contain 120 volt and 240 volt breakers, the two voltages that are commonly used in residences. 120 volt breakers take up one slot in the panel, while 240 volt breakers take up two. Circuit breakers are responsible for controlling the electrical current to the separate electrical circuits located throughout your home. There may even be some that are dedicated solely to individual appliances such as refrigerators, furnaces, or hot tubs. Stuck to the inside of the service panel door, you should find a list corresponding to each circuit breaker and the area, appliance, or system that it serves.

Electrical Panel Replacement Considerations for Your Home

Technicians Working on Outdoor Panel - Save Home HeatIt’s unlikely that as a Cherry Hills Village resident, you’re fully informed on electrical code or know the exact condition of your electrical panel and circuit breakers – and you’re not alone! Not to worry. You can count on our highly skilled electrical team at Save Home Heat Company to help guide you and provide the information you need to determine if electrical work such a replacing your service panel makes sense to consider for your home and circumstances. Our years of experience, high levels of expertise, and our strong commitment to honesty, professionalism, and serving our customers’ best interests are some of the reasons you can rely on us.

Among the important factors that determine if electrical panel replacement is an option worth considering is the age of the service panel. If you’ve never had it replaced (often the case), then its age is the same as your home. If your electrical service panel is more than 15 years old, then it’s worth having an experienced, trusted electrician inspect your system as a precaution. Like virtually all the systems in our homes, electrical panels can show signs of slow deterioration due to age and normal daily wear.

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - IECRMAnother sign that you may want to consider electrical panel upgrade is if you have added a significant number of electrical appliances to your home, increasing the regular load on the system. Or, if you plan a significant remodel or addition to your home, it’s important to make sure the existing electrical panel can properly and safely accommodate these updates. Considerations such as the number a spaces available in the panel and the panel’s overall ratingsmay come into play.

Reasons for considering electrical panel replacement in your home may include:
  • Existing electrical panel cannot safely support the current or planned increase of electrical load on the home
  • A desire to bring the existing electrical panel in line with current NEC safety code requirements
  • Internal wiring is showing signs of deterioration
  • Multiple circuit breakers frequently tripping for no good reason
  • Flickering or dimming lights on multiple electrical circuits
  • Service panel is warm or hot to the touch and the cause does not appear to be a specific breaker
  • Rust or burn marks, or unusual smells inside the electrical panel
  • Buzzing sounds coming from the panel, consistent or occasional
  • Strong recommendation from a licensed, professional electrician, due to the age and condition of the panel
  • Specific safety concerns with the panel have been identified!

Electric Panel Circuit Box - Save Home HeatElectrical panel replacement may not be the most appropriate solution for your situation, so it’s important to carefully consider your circumstances and options. In the Denver-Boulder area, Save Home Heat Company is a highly reputable, trusted source for electrical advice and recommendations. For example, rather than replacing an entire service panel, the addition of an electrical subpanel (also known as a satellite service panel) to expand breaker space and serve a specific area in your home, may be the best solution. Each home and situation is assessed separately by our electricians. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the most effective, safe, reliable, and cost-effective electrical supply solutions that are the right fit for your home.

Safety is our Top Priority

Ensuring the safety of your home’s electrical service panel and breakers is essential to letting you rest easy at night. Our goal is to make sure that all aspects of your electrical system are running properly and safely. While it’s common for homeowners not to spend much time, if any, thinking about their electrical service panels, we recommend taking the time to speak with your trusted electrician (we hope Save Home Heat Company in the Denver-Boulder area!) and learning more about your home’s electrical system, its main components, and especially, the signs to look out for that may indicate an electrical issue that needs professional attention.

Professional Electrical Panel Replacement in Cherry Hills Village

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatOur Master Electrician and our team of skilled electricians offer friendly, honest advice when it comes to electrical panel upgrades and replacements, and every service that we provide. If you’re not sure what the best option – or if any work is needed at all – our team is glad to take a closer look and fully discuss our findings and recommendations with you. All in a friendly, highly informative, low-pressure manner.

To learn more, schedule electrical service, or to get a free electrical panel replacement quote, please contact our team today!

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