Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatThe electrical service panel is the primary hub for all electrical activity throughout your home. From turning on your coffee maker to getting in the hot tub at night, it acts as the central distribution point to make sure you have power when and where you need it. If you’re considering electrical panel replacement in your Highlands Ranch, CO home, or you’re not sure if you need an electrical panel upgrade, Save Home Heat Company offers trusted, reliable expertise to help you make the best decision for your home and your needs. With safety as our number one priority at all times, we promise to provide detail-oriented, high quality service.

Electrical Service Panel Background

Save Home Heat New Main Electrical PanelYour home’s electrical service panel goes by a lot of names: circuit breaker box or breaker box, main electrical panel or just service panel are all names for the same thing. To identify your electrical service panel, look for a gray, rectangular, metal box with a large front access door, attached to a wall in your basement, garage, or maybe in a closet. It could even be sitting in a weatherproof enclosure attached to an exterior wall of your house.

Inside the electrical panel, you should see two vertical rows of circuit breaker switches (or replaceable fuses, if you have a very old panel). You should see both 120 volt and 240 volt circuit breakers, which can be differentiated by how much space they take up. 120 volt breakers will take up one slot, while the 240 volt breakers use two slots. 120 volt electrical circuits, and corresponding breakers, are more prevalent in the panel, as nearly all lighting, wall outlets, appliances, and devices in your home use 120 volt electricity. 240 volt circuits are common for items such as central or ductless AC systems, certain model hot tubs or convection ovens, well pumps, and other significant electrical consumers in the home.

Important Considerations for Electrical Panel Replacements

Technicians Working on Outdoor Panel - Save Home HeatIt’s common for homeowners to not be familiar with electrical code, or in many cases even with the contents of their electrical service panel. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Save Home Heat Company provides valuable expertise and knowledge to help our customers make the most informed decision. When it comes to a home’s electrical panel, there are a number of reasons why replacement or upgrade may worth considering. Two common reasons are age and electrical load.

While there are plenty of electrical service panels in use residential use that are well beyond 20 years old, we cannot ignore that age may play a factor in determining a panel replacement. With age and use, electrical connections or breakers inside the panel may start showing signs of deterioration or loosening up. Reliability and safety concerns due to simple aging might start to become a concern at some point.

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - IECRMIn addition, the electrical load of the home, or the amount of electricity it consumes on a regular basis, could become cause for concern if that usage starts to approach and tax the load the home’s service panel is rated to handle. More major appliances, more occupants, and things such as a basement finish or adding on to a home are reasons why an experienced electrician may need to be consulted in order to assure your safety and handle the growth of your home. Regardless of the reason, if there’s any question about the ability of your electrical service panel to safely handle the current or projected needs of your home, contact our trusted, highly reputable electrical team at Save Home Heat.

Reasons for considering electrical panel replacement in your home may include:
  • Existing electrical panel cannot safely support the current or planned increase of electrical load on the home
  • A desire to bring the existing electrical panel in line with current NEC safety code requirements
  • Internal wiring is showing signs of deterioration
  • Multiple circuit breakers frequently tripping for no good reason
  • Flickering or dimming lights on multiple electrical circuits
  • Service panel is warm or hot to the touch and the cause does not appear to be a specific breaker
  • Rust or burn marks, or unusual smells inside the electrical panel
  • Buzzing sounds coming from the panel, consistent or occasional
  • Strong recommendation from a licensed, professional electrician, due to the age and condition of the panel
  • Specific safety concerns with the panel have been identified!

Electric Panel Circuit Box - Save Home HeatIf you’re making considerable changes to your home that affect your electrical load, know that a full panel replacement is not always the best option. For example, electrical subpanels, also known as satellite breaker boxes, are used regularly to expand breaker space if the existing panel is in good condition and still has the capability. A subpanel might also be the most appropriate solution in situations where access to the breaker switches are more desirable in a different part of the home, such as an addition.

An experienced, knowledgeable, licensed electrician can tell you the best course of action for your circumstances, or clearly lay out options that make sense to consider. Homeowners in Highlands Ranch can count on our electrical team at Save Home Heat for professional recommendations they can rely on with confidence.

Safety is our Top Priority

Having an electrical service panel that’s working properly and dependably in all aspects is essential for the safety of both you and your home. Becoming more familiar with your electrical service panel, on whatever level you feel comfortable, will help you become a more responsible homeowner and help you keep your home safe, convenient, and running efficiently for many years.
Whether you want to schedule a whole-home inspection of your electrical system, have your panel assessed for potential replacement, or we are scheduled out to your home for other electrical work, our team recommends having one of our highly skilled, experienced electricians give your panel a closer look. We’ll take the time to patiently and clearly explain our findings and answer all your questions so you can make informed decisions or plan ahead accordingly.

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatOur electricians strictly adhere to all National Electrical Code (NEC) and manufacturer requirements in all installation and repair work that we perform. In all aspects, your safety and your best interests are the sole focus of our team. You will never experience any sales hype, or agenda, from our team at Save Home Heat Company.

Expert Electrical Panel Replacements in Highlands Ranch

For expert, experienced, customer-focused advice and recommendations regarding your home’s electrical service panel, we recommend that you speak with our highly rated team at Save Home Heat Company. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, exceeding your expectations, and earning your trust and future business whenever you provide us the opportunity to work in your home!

To learn more, discuss your home’s electrical service needs, or to get a free electrical panel replacement quote, please contact us today!

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