Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatYour electrical service panel is one of the most important safety devices in your home, day in and day out. If you need to upgrade or are considering an electrical panel replacement or related service for your home in Littleton, CO, Save Home Heat Company is a highly reputable team ready to promptly and professionally respond to your needs.

A Closer Look at Your Electrical Panel

Save Home Heat New Main Electrical PanelThere are plenty of names you might have heard. Breaker box, electrical breaker box, and service panel are all common terms for the same thing. Most often, your electrical service panel is a grey, rectangular metal box with a latched door in the front, mounted on the wall in a location such as an unfinished part of the basement, an attached garage, a closet, or on the outside of your home inside a weatherproof enclosure. A service panel typically contains two rows of switches called circuit breakers.

Each circuit breaker inside your electrical panel is responsible for controlling the electrical flow to specific areas of your home. The average home has between 20 and 40 separate electrical circuits, making the job of your service panel a very important one. You’ll find 120 volt and 240 volt circuit breakers in your panel, with the 120 volt breakers taking up a single slot and the 240 volt breakers taking up two. There should be a diagram inside your panel (large label on inside of door) that tells you which circuit breakers are for which parts of your home. Certain breakers may be labeled for a specific larger appliance such as a furnace, boiler, a hot tub, or even certain models of electric convection oven. These breakers control what are call ‘dedicated circuits.’

Should I Be Considering an Electrical Panel Replacement?

Technicians Working on Outdoor Panel - Save Home HeatThe above question isn’t always an easy one to answer, especially as the average homeowner can’t be expected to have detailed knowledge of current electrical code or the ins and outs of electrical service panels. Thankfully, when the time is right, you can leave that expertise to our electrical team at Save Home Heat Company! There are, however, some relatively easy things you can pay attention to that will help guide you as to when it makes the most sense to reach out for assistance determining what, if any action should be taken. As always, when in doubt, make that phone call!

Regarding electrical code, it’s a safe assumption that if your home was built over 15 years ago and you haven’t had major remodel work done, it’s likely that certain aspects of your electrical system are not up to current code, including the circuit breakers and the panel that houses them. But this does not mean that you need to cough up for a full electrical panel upgrade. If all checks out as working properly, there is typically no need to replace a panel that’s in good condition. However, it is a factor to keep in mind.
If you’ve added a lot of electrical devices that have increased the load on your panel over the years, it’s worth finding out if your panel is able to handle this load safely and effectively. Or, if you’ve had one or more circuit breakers trip quite often, this is something that should not be ignored. Call a trusted electrician!

In addition, over time, your electrical panel’s internal wiring can start to loosen up – another good reason to have the electrical panel at your home in Littleton inspected and tested by an experienced electrician. If your electrical panel is still using replaceable fuses instead of circuit breakers, you should consider it operating on borrowed time.

Reasons for replacing your home’s electrical service panel may include:
  • Existing electrical panel cannot support current home electrical demand
  • Safety concerns
  • Loosening internal wiring (usually due to age of the panel)
  • Circuit breakers on one or more circuit trip frequently for no discernible reason
  • Frequently flickering or dimming lights on multiple electrical circuits
  • Electrical service panel, or wiring near the panel, is warm to the touch
  • Rust or burn marks inside the panel
  • Steady or occasional buzzing sounds coming from the panel
  • An experienced, trusted, professional electrician considers the condition or age of your panel to be cause for replacement
  • Desire to upgrade to the latest, safest types of electrical breakers that are now required by code in many areas of new homes

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - IECRMAn electrical panel replacement isn’t always the best electrical solution. For example, in some situations, adding an electrical subpanel, also known as a ‘satellite circuit breaker panel,’ can be the right answer to power a certain area or appliance in your home. Safety and convenience often come into play. In Littleton, you can trust Save Home Heat Company to help you determine if adding an electrical subpanel, or a different solution, is the right option for your specific circumstances.

Experienced Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Electric Panel Circuit Box - Save Home HeatFor over 40 years, standard switchable circuit breakers have been most common in residential electrical service panels, replacing the obsolete replaceable fuses of old. Starting in 1999, AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) breakers began to show up in National Electrical Code (NEC). AFCI breakers add a level of protection helping to prevent the risk of electrical fires that can be caused by certain unsafe electrical conditions. In 2017, NEC was expanded to require AFCIs in virtually all aspects of residential construction.

Reasons to consider replacing some or all of your electrical circuit breakers include:
  • Age of your circuit breakers
  • Condition of your circuit breakers
  • Breakers hot to the touch, appear discolored, or give off a burnt smell
  • Specific breakers tripping frequently, will not reset, and all else checks out ok
  • To upgrade to AFCI circuit breakers

Safety is Our Focus

The discussion surrounding your electrical service panel focuses squarely on your safety. If your electrical panel is very outdated, overloaded, or exhibits evidence of occasional or ongoing issues (chipped or cracked breakers, loose or damaged wiring, hot to the touch, discoloring, smells), that presents the potential for unsafe conditions. Save Home Heat Company can assist you in helping to ensure your safety, addressing such issues before they can bloom to dangerous proportions.

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatYou can trust our Master Electrician and our experienced, skilled electrical team to carefully and expertly perform any electrical work you hire us to complete in your home.

Expert Electrical Panel Upgrades and Services in Littleton

If your home was built prior to the 2017 NEC revisions, it may be in your best interests to have one of our electricians conduct a detailed inspection and assessment of your electrical panel, circuit breakers, and related wiring, to determine if any upgrade work is recommended. Save Home Heat Company is a highly reputable source of electrical panel upgrades, replacements, and whole-home electrical services. We are committed to providing you with expert, low-pressure information and recommendations that make sense for you and your home. All provided with your best interests as the guide for every interaction you have with our company. No sales hype, no agendas, ever.

If you would like to speak with our team, schedule service, or learn more about our electrical panel replacement services for your home in Littleton, please reach out us today.

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