Reasons You Might Like An Evaporative Cooler

Breezair Evaporative CoolerAn evaporative cooler is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to cool your home. The cooler is typically mounted on your roof and a large fan blows fresh, outdoor air that has been moistened and cooled into your home. Windows or doors are opened to direct the air through the home. Moist, fresh, cool!

  • When you prefer fresh air with the doors and windows open
  • When you prefer higher humidity levels in the summer
  • When you want to have lower operating costs than a central air conditioner system

Reasons an Evaporative Cooler May Not Be Ideal for You

  • If you have allergies and want the doors and windows closed
  • If covenants prevent you from having one on your roof
  • If fan noise bothers you
  • If air grilles in your ceiling are not visually appealing
  • If high indoor humidity levels are not desired
  • If less effective cooling on high humidity days is not acceptable

Design Advancements

Evaporative coolers have also been known as ‘swamp coolers,’ and the image this conjures may not be very complimentary: a big, square metal box containing aspen water pads that resemble straw, operated by a basic, manual rotary switch mounted in the living area. We’ve seen them for years, and they still do a good job under the right conditions. Now there are other options that you can consider, including lower profiles that don’t stick out quite as much on the roof (but they’ll still be visible). Other design advancements available on higher end units include water panels that provide increased cooling capacity; digital programmable thermostats; auto-flush feature to help maintain healthier, fresher water in the unit; and pre-wetting of the cooler pads so that when the fan turns on, cool air is delivered right off the bat.


Many different models of evaporative coolers qualify for valuable utility company rebates. Visit our Rebates & Incentives page for up-to-date info!

The Save Home Heat Advantage

Save Home Heat Company has been installing evaporative coolers for over 40 years. These products require more creativity to install than air conditioners and our sales, installation and service teams have extensive experience with central evaporative cooling systems. We want you to be happy with whatever cooling product we install, and will answer your questions honestly to direct you to the proper product for you.

It’s time to cool off!

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