Garbage Disposal Replacement Professionals

At Save Home Heat Company, we work hard to offer quality garbage disposal replacement services to our customers throughout Westminster, CO and surrounding Jefferson and Adams County communities. Our company remains locally owned and operated, and we have Save Home Heat Garbage Disposal Installation in Westminster CObeen serving the needs of Westminster area homeowners since 1979. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and other consumer groups and work hard on a daily basis to exceed our customer’s expectations and earn their trust.

We’re known for:

  • Having highly skilled technicians
  • Communicating clearly
  • Our low pressure, informative sales and service practices
  • Using quality, trusted products
  • Always having our customers best interests in mind

Explore Your Options in Westminster

Save Home Heat Company’s goal is to have every garbage disposal installation job in Westminster go smoothly. We arrive promptly to appointments in a clean, well-marked company vehicle, efficiently assess the job, patiently inform you of our findings and recommendations in a stress-free fashion, and work with you to determine the best course of action. Our process is based on educating our customers so they can make informed decisions they feel comfortable with.

Save Home Heat TrucksWe install a wide variety of garbage disposals. For greater durability and top performance, units with stainless steel blades are very popular with our customers. In most cases, because of their relatively low cost, repairing an existing garbage disposal is not a cost-effective option, but we always take the time to assess each job individually before making recommendations. We listen carefully to our customer’s input and proceed accordingly.

Focus is placed on:

  • Treating customer property with care
  • Working meticulously
  • Addressing any concerns
  • Cleaning up completely when finished

When we install a new garbage disposal for you, we’ll patiently walk you through our work when we’re done, and we’ll make sure you understand how to properly operate and maintain your disposal. The owner’s manual will be left with you for future reference, and we’ll provide you with detailed documentation of our work.

Efficient Installation Services

Having a fully functional garbage disposal in your Westminster home is critical for shredding any food scraps that go down your drain so that they don’t cause clogs and hamper your home’s drain system. If you are having issues with your disposal, call Save Home Heat Company and we’ll provide the high level of prompt, professional service that you desire. We’ll get the job done right.

Call today to schedule service, and please keep us in mind for all your home heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing needs.