Top-Rated Central & Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Cherry Hills Village

Heat pumps continue to grow in popularity with homeowners in Cherry Hills Village, CO and surrounding communities as an option for efficient, effective year-round heating and cooling. Available in both ductless mini-split and central models, heat pumps are a great alternative to consider when looking to replace or upgrade your existing home comfort systems.

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Energy Star Most Efficient 2021 Logo - Save Home HeatThe simplest way to explain an air-source heat pump is to compare it to a traditional air conditioner. Much like a conventional AC system, heat pumps provide cooling during the summer, but they can also reverse their function to provide heating during the winter, as well. You can enjoy year-round heating and cooling comfort using a heat pump system in your home in Cherry Hills Village. Powered exclusively by electricity, heat pumps can help reduce your dependence on fossil fuels for heating, and in some cases replace them entirely. As the trend towards clean, ‘green’ home technology continues, both central (ducted) and ductless heat pump variations fill an increasing demand for carbon footprint-conscious home comfort options.

Central heat pumps, while not adequate to handle all your home heating duties in our area of the Front Range, can be installed in tandem with a gas forced air furnace in what is known as a ‘dual fuel heating system,’ providing a number of advantages. Cherry Hills Village homeowners looking to replace or install a new central air conditioner may find a central heat pump to be an attractive alternative to traditional central AC.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps, also referred to as mini-split heat pumps, operate independently of a central system. Ductless systems allow for independent heating and cooling of individual areas and rooms. If your central system doesn’t offer sufficient temperature control in certain rooms of your home (often garages, guest rooms, basements, and other areas located further away from your central system), ductless mini-split heat pumps are highly effective and efficient solutions for supplemental year-round comfort. Mini-split heat pumps can even replace an existing central system, if desired. Our customers in Cherry Hills Village are continually impressed by the performance of the ductless heat pumps we install.

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Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Cherry Hills Village

Always rating exceptionally high in customer satisfaction, ductless heat pumps afford highly effective, efficient, unobtrusive heating and cooling for specific rooms or areas in your home. Stylish, sleek, responsive and remarkably quiet indoors and out, ductless heat pumps can provide year-round comfort for your Cherry Hills Village home. Even when outdoor conditions as low as 10 degrees below zero, certain ductless mini-split heat pumps can still provide significant heating. For zoned heating and cooling all around your home, mini-split heat pumps fill a growing consumer need.

Mini-Split Heat Pump Benefits:
  • Very responsive, effective, and reliable
  • Remarkably quiet indoors & outside
  • Indoor blower units are sleek & unobtrusive, and don’t require a huge hole in the wall or a window
  • Outdoor condenser is much smaller & quieter than a central system unit
  • Highly efficient with low operating costs – efficiencies up to 12.5 HSPF (heating) and 30+ SEER (AC)
  • INVERTER-driven compressor technology uses only the energy needed to do the job
  • Eliminates performance issues associated with older ducting systems that have air leaks
  • The ability to create personalized ‘comfort zones’ in different areas of your home, and reduce energy consumption in areas that are not being used
  • Reduced carbon footprint for heating and cooling
Applications of Mini-Split Heat Pumps:
  • Bedrooms
  • Dens, dining rooms, and living rooms/great rooms
  • Home offices
  • Areas that experience excessive heat loss or solar gain, compared to the rest of the home
  • In homes with central heating and cooling where certain rooms are consistently much colder and/or hotter than where the thermostat is located
  • For homes with hot water heat, or that don’t have a central ducting system
  • For any room that you want to heat and cool independently
  • When central heating and cooling costs more to operate than you like

Multi-Zone Comfort and Indoor Blower Variety

Mitsubishi Electric How Ductless WorksNot only do mini-split heat pumps afford zoned heating and cooling, multi-zone mini-split systems can use one outdoor condensing unit to power as many as six indoor blowers. This helps to keep the outdoor sound levels and physical footprint as low and as contained as possible. Wall-mounted indoor blowers are the most popular style, and other blower options include ceiling-cassette, floor mounted console, and modest duct-able units that can be hidden from sight. The system is controlled by a handheld, remote control thermostat which can also be installed on a wall like a conventional control.

Electric Whole-Home Heating and Cooling

As Denver-Boulder regional utilities continue moving towards wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources for generating electricity, homeowners in Cherry Hills Village are following suit. Is your current heating system an older, uncomfortable, gas or electric energy hog? Switching over to a whole-home, zoned ductless heat pump system can help reduce your fossil fuel dependence and overall energy consumption, while improving comfort at the same time.

Mitsubishi Ductless Systems Awarded by ENERGY STAR

We Sell Energy StarMitsubishi has earned its place as a global leader in ductless heating and cooling. Our team at Save Home Heat Company has over 30 years of experience installing ductless systems, and have been recommending and installing Mitsubishi systems for over 25 years. The popluar M-and P-Series ductless systems are recognized by the EPA for meeting or exceeding all ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements, and many systems also meet ENERGY STAR Most Efficient labeling standards, recognizing ultra efficient home products. Save Home Heat is a top-rated Mitsubishi ELITE Diamond Contractor, the highest level of dealer recognition.


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Cherry Hills Village Central Heat Pumps

Do your current furnace and ducting system do a good job distributing air around your home? If so, a central heat pump is a great option to consider if you’re going to be installing a new central air conditioner in your home. While doing everything you expect of a central AC system, a properly sized and expertly installed central heat pump can also handle most or all of the heating needs of your home during mild periods of the heating season, making them a good fit for Colorado homes. An efficient, environmentally friendly heater smoothly working in conjunction with your furnace in what’s known as a ‘dual fuel heating system,’ a central heat pump will help reduce fossil fuel consumption (gas or propane) that would normally be expended by the furnace during those mild weather times. Plus, by sharing the heating workload, a central heat pump also helps reduce the wear and tear on your furnace to extend its lifespan.

Dual Fuel Heating Systems

Much like the name suggests, a dual fuel system uses two fuel sources to heat your home. A central heat pump (fueled by electricity) is installed in tandem with a central (gas) furnace, with the heat pump handling the initial heating needs. When heating demand exceeds the heat pump’s output, the job is smoothly handed off to the gas furnace to complete the work. This combination of heaters affords greater efficiency, a smaller carbon footprint, and less strain on both systems.

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The advantages of a central dual fuel heating and cooling system include:
  • Greener heating and cooling option than a standard furnace and AC system
  • Reduced gas consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Decreased load and increased lifespan for your furnace
  • Two sources of heat instead of just one (a built-in backup system)
  • State-of-the-art comfort levels, all year-round

Lennox Furnace - Inside Sketch - Save Home HeatOur team at Save Home Heat Company feels that the best dual fuel central system is created by combining a high efficiency variable-output central heat pump with a high efficiency variable-output furnace. Other popular high performance options include high efficiency two-stage heat pumps and single-stage systems.
We encourage homeowners to have an expert well versed in this type of equipment investigate your current system before deciding on a variable-output or two-stage system. There are many factors that go into installing this premium equipment that only an experienced team should help you consider. With decades of experience installing and servicing high efficiency and advanced heating and cooling equipment, you can trust Save Home Heat Company to help you make a decision that is right for you and your home.

Heat Pump Rebates for Cherry Hills Village

Manufacturer and utility company rebates may be available in Cherry Hills Village for certain models of high efficiency mini-split and central heat pumps! Ask one of our friendly comfort advisors or visit our Rebates & Incentives page to receive up-to-date information. We’d be glad to help you obtain the greatest savings when making this important investment in your home.

Interested in a High Efficiency Heat Pump for Your Home?

If you’d like more information about the benefits of a heat efficiency ductless mini-split or central heat pump in Cherry Hills Village or want to investigate having one installed in your home, let our experienced team know. We’ve been installing these premium heating and cooling systems for over 30 years, and you can trust our expertise and recommendations. To learn more and receive a free, low-pressure, no-obligation heat pump installation quote, call our friendly, knowledgeable team today!

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