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Available in both central and ductless mini-split models, heat pumps are growing as a popular option for heating and cooling homes in Westminster, CO. These versatile systems provide an effective, efficient means for either working in tandem with an existing central furnace, or serving as independent, zoned heating and cooling systems for specific rooms or even an entire home.

What Are Heat Pumps?

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2023An air-source heat pump is an AC system that can also operate in reverse, supplying heating during the winter as well as cooling during the summer, making them a year-round home comfort option. Heat pumps are electrically powered and don’t burn fossil fuels (i.e. gas and propane), giving them a smaller carbon footprint for heating. They can work in concert with an existing central gas furnace, or provide independent, zoned heating and cooling. The benefits afforded by both central and ductless heat pumps make them home comfort solutions worth learning more about.

Central heat pumps are installed in tandem with the existing furnace, and deliver both air conditioning and heating thru the ducting system, just like you’re used to. While not typically sufficient as a primary heat source in our region, they are combined with a gas forced air furnace in what’s known as a ‘dual fuel heating system,’ providing a number of valuable benefits. Central heat pumps continue to grow in popularity as an alternative to conventional central AC, either as a replacement for an old AC system or for new installations.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps work independently from an existing central system. Also referred to as mini-split heat pumps, these systems provide individual, customized heating and cooling for specific rooms or areas in your home. Great as a complement to an existing central system, or providing completely independent, zoned heating and cooling, ductless heat pumps are a great comfort solution for specific ‘problem’ rooms, or for an entire home. A mini-split heat pump system could be a great fit for your Westminster home.

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split HVAC System - Save Home Heat

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps are a sleek, quiet, stylish, efficient source of effective room or area heating and cooling, providing high levels of year-round comfort. In our decades of experience, ductless heat pumps always rate very high in customer satisfaction. Whether to complement the performance of a central system that doesn’t always measure up in certain parts of your home, or for a completely whole-home system providing all the benefits of zoning and a reduced carbon footprint, a ductless heat pump system could be a great fit for your Westminster home. Of note, certain models provide meaningful heat output even when outdoor temperatures are as low as -10 degrees!

Westminster Mini-Split Heat Pump Benefits:


  • Very responsive, effective, and reliable
  • Remarkably quiet indoors & outside
  • Indoor blower units are sleek & unobtrusive, and don’t require a huge hole in the wall or a window
  • Outdoor condenser is much smaller & quieter than a central system unit
  • Highly efficient with low operating costs – efficiencies up to 12.5 HSPF (heating) and 30+ SEER (AC)
  • INVERTER-driven compressor technology uses only the energy needed to do the job
  • Eliminates performance issues associated with older ducting systems that have air leaks
  • The ability to create personalized ‘comfort zones’ in different areas of your home, and reduce energy consumption in areas that are not being used
Applications of Mini-Split Heat Pumps:


  • Bedrooms
  • Dens, dining rooms, and living rooms/great rooms
  • Home offices
  • Areas that experience excessive heat loss or solar gain, compared to the rest of the home
  • In homes with central heating and cooling where certain rooms are consistently much colder and/or hotter than where the thermostat is located
  • For homes with hot water heat, or that don’t have a central ducting system
  • For any room that you want to heat and cool independently
  • When central heating and cooling costs more to operate than you like

Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling in Westminster

Mitsubishi Electric How Ductless WorksMulti-zone mini-split heat pump (and AC-only) systems allow you to power more than one indoor blower unit from a single outdoor condenser, keeping your outdoor footprint very compact and sounds levels well contained. Depending on the needs of your home, certain models of outdoor condensing units can handle as many as six indoor units. There are other multi-zone condensers designed to fit a variety of additional applications. As for the style of indoor blower units available, the wall-mounted varieties remain most popular with our customers because of their unobtrusive locations high up out of the way. Other blower unit options include ceiling-cassette, floor console, and modest duct-able models that can be hidden from view.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps For Your Whole Home!

Regional utilities remain committed to moving away from burning fossil fuels and towards wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources to generate electricity for our regional grid. Many environmentally conscious homeowners in Westminster and surrounding areas are now looking for ways to follow suit and reduce their carbon footprint while improving efficiency and comfort. Not surprisingly, home heating has been coming under closer scrutiny. Ductless heat pumps are a great way to reduce your home heating footprint, while also taking advantage of the many benefits provided by zoned heating and cooling. Whether now or in stages, converting an older, uncomfortable, less efficient gas or electric heating to a whole-home ductless heat pump system might make sense to consider for your home.

ENERGY STAR Recognition for Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

We Sell Energy StarOur team at Save Home Heat Company continues to recommend Mitsubishi Electric as our ductless mini-split heat pump and AC product line of choice, 25 years and counting. Mitsubishi has been a worldwide leader in ductless home comfort for over 50 years, and their popular M- and P-Series systems are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as meeting or exceeding all ENERGY STAR efficiency criteria. Many of the models frequently selected by our customers also qualify for the prestigious ENERGY STAR Most Efficient label, which is given each year to a variety of ultra high efficiency home products. Save  Home Heat Company is an authorized Mitsubishi ELITE Diamond Contractor, recognition given to their top dealers nationwide.

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Central Heat Pumps in Westminster

Lennox AC Condenser

If your furnace and ducting system do a satisfactory job of distributing hot and cold air around your home, a central heat pump is an option worth considering if you’re replacing an older air conditioner or installing new central AC.

A central heat pump provides the exact same reliable, effective cooling that you’d expect from a traditional air conditioner, with the added bonus of also providing heating when the winter. With a properly sized and professionally installed central heat pump, much or all of the heating load needed by your home during relatively mild conditions will be taken care of by the heat pump, relieving the furnace of some of its workload with a more environmentally friendly system working in concert with it. A shared job, making use of the primary benefits of each.

Heat Pumps for Dual Fuel Heating Systems

Installed in tandem with a gas furnace, a central heat pump creates what is known as a ‘dual-fuel heating system.’ The ‘dual’ part refers to electricity powering the heat pump and gas fueling the furnace. During normal operation, the heat pump begins the heating process and continues to do so until the home’s heat demand exceeds the capabilities of the heat pump (sun goes down, temperatures drop, or we see a major cold snap). It’s not always a given that the furnace will need to fire up, but when needed, the heat pump smoothly, automatically hands off the heating to the furnace to complete the job. A proven, ‘greener’ heating option that might make sense for you to consider for central heating and cooling for your Westminster home.

Lennox Furnace with Coil Case with Humidifier - Save Home Heat
The advantages of a central dual fuel heating and cooling system include:

Save Home Heat is a Lennox Premier Dealer

  • Greener heating and cooling option than a standard furnace and AC system
  • Reduced gas consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Decreased load and increased lifespan for furnace
  • Two sources of heat instead of just one (a built-in backup system)
  • State-of-the-art comfort levels, all year-round

Lennox Furnace - Inside Sketch - Save Home HeatIn the opinion of our home comfort team, the optimum dual fuel central heating and air conditioning system would be the combination of a high efficiency, variable-output heat pump with a high efficiency, variable-output furnace. Additional enhanced performance central heat pump options include high efficiency two-stage and single-stage systems.

If you’re considering a variable-output or two-stage system, we urge you to work with a contractor that’s very experienced with this type of high performance equipment. Installation and setup is more complex than a standard single-stage system, and you need a team that will do the job right the first time. In Westminster and around the Denver-Boulder metro area, Save Home Heat Company is the contractor you can count on.

Rebates for Heat Pumps in Westminster

Certain high-efficiency mini-split and central heat pumps may qualify for utility company and/or manufacturer rebates! Visit our Rebates & Incentives page to learn more, and speak with one of our comfort specialists to obtain maximum savings on your home comfort investment!

Interested in a Heat Pump for Your Home?

Our friendly, knowledgeable team at Save Home Heat Company will supply you with ample amounts of information and gladly answer any questions you have about heat pumps in a detailed, low-pressure manner. You can trust us to assist you in making an informed decision that is best for your specific situation, and to provide you with a smooth, hassle-free ductless or central heat pump installation from start to finish. To learn more or to schedule a free, no-obligation installation quote, we invite you to call us today.

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