Hot Water Recirculation Systems – What Are They?

September 27, 2019

Many homeowners are used to the routine of turning on the water at the shower or sink and finding a short task to perform while they wait for the hot water to arrive. Did you know that with just a few easy additions to your domestic hot water system, you can eliminate that need to wait? A hot water recirculation system allows for nearly instant access to hot water, and also helps reduce wasted water while saving you time at the tap every single day!

Increased Convenience Achieved Easily

For homes equipped with a standard, reliable, domestic hot water heater and piping system, when hot water is needed at a faucet, washing machine, shower, or any other appliance that uses hot water, there’s a waiting period as hot water travels through the piping to its destination. In the case of a shower or sink, during this process most of the cold or lukewarm water is wasted, simply flowing down the drain, unused.


Hot Water Recirculation Systems


A hot water recirculation system eliminates this waste and time lag by means of a low-wattage pump and special valving that can installed on your existing system. No new piping is needed, and no major mechanical work, either. This relatively low-impact upgrade assists and enhances the job done by your water heater and existing delivery piping, providing virtually instant hot water wherever it’s needed in your home. A timer is also used with this system, to program for optimal performance during periods of regular hot water usage.

Does a hot water recirculation system make sense for my home?


Benefits Of A Hot Water Recirculation System:
  • Faster, More Convenient Hot Water At Sinks & Showers
  • Less Water Lost Down The Drain
  • Time Savings In Daily Routines
  • Improved Performance of Appliances That Use Hot Water (washing machines, dishwashers…)

Low Impact, Improved Hot Water Performance

If you’re concerned about sacrificing increased monthly bills in exchange for better hot water availability all around your home, don’t worry. The small, very quiet, long-lasting pump that’s installed by the water heater as part of your hot water recirculation system uses the electrical equivalent of a 25 watt light bulb, and there is no energy impact from the new valving. The pump is sized to produce minimal heat loss from water piping, and unused hot water returns harmlessly to the water heater, as opposed to running down a drain. The system timer even allows you to program for periods when the recirculation pump isn’t needed, for the lowest electrical consumption.

Consult Professional Plumbers

Consult Professional Plumbers Save Home HeatFor the best results, your hot water recirculation system should be installed by an experienced, reputable plumbing contractor. Save Home Heat Company has a team of highly skilled plumbers serving the Denver-Boulder area, ready to expertly help you raise the level of comfort and convenience in your home. We’re here to answer any and all of your questions. As always, since we first opened our doors in 1979, our advice and recommendations are offered in a friendly, low-pressure manner, to ensure that you can make an educated decision that you’ll be satisfied with long after we finish the job. Call us today for more information about hot water recirculation systems and the benefits that one can provide in your home.


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