How to Set Up Your Outdoor Electronics

September 18, 2017

Outdoor electricity How to strategically install your outdoor electronics to ensure safety, sustainability, and cost-efficiency for your outdoor living space.

Whether you’re building an elaborate outdoor living room or just installing speakers or mood lighting, outdoor electronics can allow you to create a customized retreat in your backyard.

Kids, pets, and weather may all interact with your outdoor electronics, so you’ll want to make sure your electronics are safe and strategically placed. Planning ahead can also help you make sure you optimize your outdoor space so everyone can enjoy the music, TV screen, or lighting you have in mind.

Just because you’re installing more electronics in your home doesn’t mean you can’t can save money and energy. Researching and choosing energy-efficient electronics for your outdoor space can help reduce your energy bill and cut down on your home’s carbon footprint.

Follow this guide to strategically install your outdoor electronics to ensure safety, sustainability, and cost-efficiency for your outdoor living space.

Safety First

The weather is the first obvious concern when you’re installing outdoor electronics. Make sure all your outdoor electronics and accessories are approved for outdoor use upon purchase. TV mounts that are intended for indoor use only could rust when mounted outside, which could eventually lead to structural breakdown.

If your backyard tends to be windy, consider investing in an articulating TV mount rather than a ceiling mount, which may not provide sufficient stability in stormy weather.

Kids and pets are another safety concern when installing your outdoor electronics. Enclose all cables or cords in a cable cover, or use a cord corral to keep your little ones safe.

Use ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) so you don’t have to worry about flying sparks or other electrocution hazards. And always secure lights, TVs, and other electronics to ensure that they don’t topple over when a curious kid or an excited pet gets too close.

Learn more about how to make your electronics safe for kids and pets.

The most fool-proof way to ensuring the safe installation of your electronics is to have all electrical work performed by a licensed electrician. Schedule your appointment today and get 10% off your first electrical service.

Go Green to Save Green

Setting up a new entertainment space in your home doesn’t mean you have to rack up the energy bills. Choosing energy-efficient electronics can help you save on energy bills, and help curb your home’s carbon footprint.

One effective way to reduce your energy costs is to invest in an ENERGY STAR-certified TV. These devices feature cutting-edge technology, and they’re also 27% more energy-efficient than the average TV.

So if your entire TV setup is ENERGY STAR-certified, you could save nearly $140 in energy costs throughout the life of the components.

There are also many stylish, energy-efficient outdoor lighting options that can brighten your space and reduce your energy bills. Instead of installing permanent light fixtures, which can cost anywhere between $60 to $130 per light, consider choosing outdoor string lights or a glowing table lamp designed for outdoor use.

Strategize Placement

Strategizing your outdoor entertainment setup before you buy or install any electronics can help you maximize your enjoyment and protect the equipment from the elements.

Once you decide on the location for your main seating area, you’ll want to install speakers equal distances from the seating area to evenly disperse the sound. Most outdoor speakers are weather-resistant, but they can’t stand up to constant moisture. Make sure to install the speakers in an area that’s protected from major rain or wind, like under your house’s eaves.

Position your seating area so your family and friends can view the TV or projection screen easily, if applicable. If the screen is in the direct path of the evening sun, you may need to install a shade to keep the sunlight from affecting the picture.

Don’t forget about potential temperature issues — if you plan to use the outdoor space year-round, you may need to install an outdoor-rated heater or ceiling fan to keep everyone comfortable. Protect your outdoor TV from extreme weather by adding a protective cabinet or installing electronics in a protected area, such as a screened-in porch.

Customize Your Space

With a little creativity, you can customize your outdoor space to reflect your own style. Some outdoor lights allow you to set the level and color of the lighting to create different atmospheres. You can adjust smart lights without leaving your seat — just log into the smart lighting app on your smartphone to make your space perfect.

If an outdoor TV isn’t right for your space, consider installing a projector screen for occasional outdoor movie nights. Temporary projector screens are typically easy to setup and takedown, and you can pair them with a permanently installed outdoor projector. A projector with high-quality resolution and brightness will ensure you can enjoy it day or night.

If you really want to get creative, a 3-D projector could turn your family’s outdoor living space into the whole neighborhood’s favorite place to gather and watch movies.

Need a hand in safely installing your outdoor electronics? We can help you create a safe and sustainable outdoor living space for your home today.