Indoor & Outdoor Infrared Radiant Heaters: A Great Home Comfort Team!

October 18, 2023

Infrared radiant heaters for a variety of permanent home applications continue to grow in popularity with our customers in the Denver-Boulder metro area.

Indoors, they’re great for providing reliable, independent zoned heating, or a boost for rooms where more warmth is desired. Outside, they bring a new level of comfort and expanded usage to patios, decks, and more.

In this post, we’re going to revisit the indoor and outdoor electric infrared radiant heaters that continue to get high grades from the families that our team at Save Home Heat Company serves.

An Overview of Infrared Radiant Heaters

Unlike heaters that work by circulating heated air by means of a fan, or powered by a hot water boiler, infrared radiant heating is similar to the warmth produced by direct sunlight or a blazing bonfire, but without the lighting aspects. The infrared wavelengths produced by these heaters provide silent, direct warmth to any object it radiates toward.

The benefits of infrared radiant heaters include:

  • Independent, zoned heating for specific rooms or areas indoors, or for outdoor locations such as decks, patios, and more
  • Silent operation
  • Convenient wall thermostat, handheld remote, or optional Wi-Fi control, depending on the specific product
  • Quick, effective heating response
  • Unobtrusive equipment locations indoors and outside, without taking up valuable floorspace

Why electric-powered infrared heaters are popular

IECRM electr. assoc logo with subtext (4)Compared to natural gas and propane units, electric-powered infrared radiant heaters continue to grow in popularity with homeowners in the Denver-Boulder metro area and in many areas around the country. In many cases, this is due to the “green energy” movement, which in part focuses on reducing fossil fuel consumption at home – and also because electric heaters pose fewer obstacles to performing an aesthetically pleasing installation than gas units.

Electric heaters eliminate the venting/vent pipe, gas piping, and other considerations that are inherent with gas-fired equipment. As a result, installation labor for electric units is often more straightforward. The routing and relatively compact nature of wiring is also more flexible in terms of where it can be hidden or made less visible.

Electric radiant heaters are also versatile in terms of where they can be located inside or outside of a home, and another bonus of this type of heater is that they are virtually maintenance-free!


Comfort Cove: Our Most Popular Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater

ComfortCove by RadiantSystems logo
Comfort Cove radiant heater install dining area- from Eric

Comfort Cove brand infrared radiant heaters, from Radiant Systems, are the infrared radiant heaters that our team at Save Home Heat currently recommends and installs for indoor use in a wide range of home applications. These proven units offer independent, zoned heating for individual rooms or specific areas, and are also a great complement to an existing heating system for rooms that could use a little heating boost.

Comfort Cove heaters are a good option for rooms that are getting reliable heating for the first time, in particular if those rooms don’t need AC during the summertime. Think about basement finishes, and more.

The benefits of Comfort Cove radiant heaters also include:

Comfort Cove radiant heater - interior illustration

  • Quick response and great comfort levels
  • Fit easily up and out of the way in the “cove” area where the wall and ceiling meet
  • Available in a broad range of lengths and wattage/BTU ratings
  • Unobtrusive design and dimensions, with a unit height of only about 4 inches (that’s not a typo!)
  • 9 models to choose from, offering a variety of electrical voltage options (including 120 volt and 240 volt)
  • Available in six different colors to aesthetically accommodate many interior designs
  • A variety of thermostat options available


Re-Verber-Ray: Radiant Patio Heaters that are a Great Fit for Denver-Boulder Homes

Re-Verber-Ray LogoFor outdoor units, we currently recommend and install Re-Verber-Ray patio heaters from Detroit Radiant Products, which, by their radiant nature, provide effective outdoor heating even when it’s breezy outside. The Re-Verber-Ray heaters we frequently recommend provide a compact, slim design with a medium-wave infrared design that is a good fit for decks and patios, and other similar outdoor areas.

The benefits and features of Re-Verber-Ray electric radiant patio heaters include:

  • Compact, slim design
  • Installation flexibility for locating units conveniently and safely outdoors
  • Multiple heaters can be controlled from a single hand-held remote control
  • Multiple heat output levels
  • Electrically efficient, long-life, carbon fiber heating lamps
  • ETL (aka. Intertek Testing Services) listed for indoor and outdoor use
  • IP55 (Ingress Protection) certified for water and dust resistance
radiant heater - electr. patio jobsite eaves -DSS Detroit Radiant

Serving Denver-Boulder Metro Area Homeowners with Quality Infrared Radiant Heaters

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatInfrared radiant heaters can be a great option for homeowners seeking dependable primary heating or a nice boost in warmth for specific rooms or areas, indoors or outside. For more information about indoor and outdoor infrared radiant electric heaters, or to schedule a highly informative, low-pressure, free install quote for your home in the Boulder-Denver area, please reach out to our home comfort team at Save Home Heat Company today.

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