Introducing Leviton ‘Smart’ Electrical Panels

October 9, 2022

As the electrical demand of a home changes over the years with the addition of new appliances, upgrades, or remodels – or due to safety concerns, code revisions, or increasing age – it sometimes makes good sense to consider replacing the home’s original electrical service panel.

This blog post will focus on a proven replacement electrical panel option that is steadily carving a niche in the residential market: smart panels from Leviton.

Leviton Manufacturing, a leading, broad-line electrical manufacturer, builds advanced electrical service panels, which are also known in the industry as load centers. In this article we’ll be highlighting the Leviton load center residential product line.

Leviton Smart Electrical Panel in Garage

What are Leviton Load Centers?

Smart Panel

A Quick Review of Electrical Panels

In brief, your home’s electrical service panel (aka. load center) distributes electricity that’s delivered to the home from our regional utility – for many of us, Xcel Energy – to the various electrical circuits in your home. Each electrical circuit is controlled by its own circuit breaker switch, which is housed and labeled inside the panel.

Individual circuits typically route either 120 volt or 220 volt electricity for a wide variety of purposes in the home.

The ‘Smart Panel’ Difference

Essentially, ‘smart’ electrical panels are Wi-Fi capable.

Along with apps that can be downloaded to most smart phones, these panels offer optional, user-friendly features that allow homeowners a much higher level of engagement and involvement with their home’s electrical system and power consumption than traditional panels can provide.

Leviton Load Center Smart App

Leviton Load Center Smart App

Leviton smart load centers provide you the ability to view the real-time performance of the individual electrical circuits around your home, monitor and calculate energy consumption and costs, and even receive alerts remotely from your system and control breakers while away from your home.

In addition, these panels can accommodate a variety of types of circuit breakers, provide the latest in electrical safety designs and code requirements, and are UL (United Laboratories) listed and labeled.

Leviton’s marketing department calls these new load centers a “quiet revolution in load center design.”

Features of Leviton Smart Load Centers

As mentioned above, smart electrical panels from Leviton offer a variety of connectivity and safety features that many homeowners find attractive in an electrical service panel replacement or upgrade. Below is a summary of many of them.

Leviton Load Center Smart Features Include:

  • Smart phone app allows you to monitor the energy consumption of your entire home or individual electrical circuits
  • Customized smart phone monitoring by day/week/month/year, and by individual circuits
  • App also allows you to plug in numbers and calculate energy costs
  • Real-time alerts for circuit breaker trips (including the cause of the trip)
  • Real-time alerts for electrical load conditions such as overly long load duration, extended periods without drawing power, or unexpected startups
  • Circuit breaker performance monitoring and diagnostics such as breaker condition being compromised or the component is nearing the end of its reliable service life
  • Remote on/off control of breakers to help accommodate circumstances such as weather-related issues, shutting down breakers that repeatedly trip, or significant changes of plan

Leviton Load Center Smart Panel Features

Load Center Enhanced Safety Features & Breaker Flexibility

In addition to the above range of features that allow for unparalleled monitoring and control of your home’s electrical system, Leviton smart panel load centers come equipped with the latest safety features. These include improved electrical surge protection in the panel, advanced false-tripping technology, onboard diagnostics, and the ability to accommodate many different standard, dual-function, and Smart circuit breakers. They’re easy to install and service, and accommodate the full range of common voltage and amperage breaker switch ratings.

A Little About Leviton

Leviton LogoLeviton Manufacturing is one of the oldest and most respected electrical manufacturers in the world, with roots that go back to the first decade of the 1900s when Russian immigrant Isidor Leviton opened his tinsmithing shop in New York City, first working with gas lighting, and then moving into pull-chain lamp holders after Edison’s work became famous. Followed by many decades of changes and growth, Leviton continues to help lead the electrical industry forward, building a broad range of quality commercial, industrial, and residential electrical components.

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - IECRMRecent Leviton advancements for the home include the Decora Smart and Digital home controls lines, along with Apple HomeKit compatible products.

In the world of smart electrical panels, Leviton is our electrical team’s current product of choice.

Replacing & Upgrading Electrical Panels in Denver-Boulder

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