Light Pollution and Trends in Outdoor Home Lighting

September 17, 2019

Electricians in Denver and Boulder, CO - Save Home HeatPerhaps you’re aware of the increased attention and focus on reducing outdoor light pollution in both commercial applications (think parking lots, dealerships, etc.) and residential uses. In the City of Boulder, for example, an ordinance was passed in 2003 addressing this issue, giving the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors 15 years to comply with the new requirements. Denver, Fort Collins, and Cherry Hills Village are among other Colorado Front Range municipalities that have also addressed this growing trend. We assume that others will be following suit.

We’d like to help get you started learning more about light pollution and solutions, and start you thinking about what can be done to improve outdoor lighting around your home.

What Do The New Rules Deal With?

While light pollution is the main focus of the trend in outdoor lighting ordinances, this movement also addresses proper lighting for year-round safety and security for residents and workers of all ages, as well as promoting energy-efficient lighting practices such as using lower-wattage or LED lighting products. In some cases, rental licensing and building permit applications may be tied to compliance with these new statutes. Requirements vary from one Denver area city to another, and your licensed electrician can assist in determining what’s needed for your home or project.

Reducing Outdoor Light Pollution At Home

Reduce Light Pollution in Denver and Boulder, CO - Save Home HeatLiving in the Denver-Boulder metro area, you are undoubtedly familiar with the strain that nearby bright lights and the general ‘neighborhood glow’ can put your enjoyment of the night sky. Outdoor light pollution has surely obscured your view of our beautiful evening panorama at one time or another. So what can you and your neighbors do to help?

Along with considerations such as employing motion detectors and smart lighting controls to minimize the time your that outdoor lights are turned on at night, an important key to this new puzzle is ‘downlighting.’ This relatively new term speaks for itself, and of course implies that directing light down toward the ground results in not pointing it at your neighbor’s houses, out into the street, or up into the sky. Pretty simple, really, and there are lots of different types of quality downlights available to replace existing outdoor fixtures, or to install in a new location to provide greater safety and improved security at all times of the year.

Some of these options include wall and post lights, or lanterns, sconces, and even recessed lights. And don’t forget those energy-efficient LED options, motion sensors, and programmable and remote light controls that will make your life easier.

How can new light fixtures improve my home’s outdoor ‘lighting footprint’?


Outdoor Downlighting Can:
  • Increase Night Visibility
  • Improve Outdoor Safety
  • Provide Energy-Efficient Upgrade Options
  • Increase Security All Around Your Home
  • Bring Your Home Into Compliance With Lighting Ordinances

Trust The Professionals

Licensed Master ElectricianRegardless of the type of outdoor lighting that you choose for your home, you’ll want to consult an experienced team like Save Home Heat Company for expert advice and professional service. Serving homeowners in the Denver-Boulder area, our electrical team will professionally install your new outdoor light fixtures with great care and attention to detail. We install both owner-supplied fixtures, as well as ones that you can select from our broad supply network. As always, throughout the 40 years we’ve been in business, our interactions with you will be conducted in a friendly, informative, low-pressure manner. Our goal always is to serve your best interests and to always strive to exceed your expectations. Please give us a call today for any of your outdoor or indoor lighting needs, or for any of your home heating and cooling, plumbing, or electrical needs.

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