Fans for Any Louisville Home

Ceiling fans enhance to your home comfort year-round, and whole-house and attic exhaust fans can assist in controlling cooling bills during the summer, while also easing the burden on your AC system. At Save Home Heat Company, serving Louisville, CO and surrounding communities since 1979, our crew of skilled electricians provides professional fan installation and replacement services. We take pride in our many years of experience and in being home comfort specialists. We’d be glad to assist you in choosing the right fan for the right application, and installing it safely and correctly in your home.

Our company is known for:

BBB A+ Rating with Save Home Heat

  • Knowledgeable, courteous, highly skilled electricians and technicians
  • A long term A+ rating from the Denver-Boulder BBB
  • Providing high quality products built to stand the test of time
  • Being highly responsive to our customers
  • Having friendly, helpful dispatchers and office staff
  • Making sure our customers are happy with our work!

If you have an existing fan that’s ‘given up the ghost,’ give us a call to discuss repair versus replacement of the unit. Unlike heating and cooling systems, many types of older fans make more sense to simply replace, rather than sinking good money into an old fan that’s seen much better days. You can count on our team to give you honest, professional advice that’s in your best interests.

Ceiling Fan, Attic Exhaust Fan and Whole-House Fan in Louisville

Ceiling Fan Installation in LouisvilleWhen you’ve found the perfect ceiling fan for your Louisville home, give Save Home Heat Company a call to install it for you. We’ll get the job done safely and properly, in accordance with all local codes. Our electricians will make sure your new fan is anchored securely and all electrical connections are fully protected.

Whole-house fans allow you to turn off the AC when it’s cool outside at night, and pull nice comfortable outdoor air into your home – a big potential dollar savings on your monthly utility bill during the summer. Attic exhaust fans remove hot air lingering in your attic space, reducing load and stress on your air conditioner – another monthly dollar savings, along with helping to extend the lifetime of your AC system.

Our trustworthy electricians focus on:
  • Working meticulously and efficiently
  • Communicating clearly with our customers
  • Maintaining a safe, clean workspace
  • Performing all work in strict adherence with manufacturer instructions and local code
  • Fully checking and testing their work when the job is done
  • Respecting our customers and their homes at all times

High Quality Fan Services in Louisville

Affordable Fan Services in Louisville

Save Home Heat Company is dedicated to offering high-quality fan services to Louisville residents. There are many benefits to having fans in your residence, and we’ll take the stress out of learning what makes the most sense for your home and will help you make a decision you feel comfortable. Whether you provide the fan or you purchase it from us, we’ll make sure it gets installed safely and correctly. We’ll make sure you’re happy with our work, and we’ll strive to provide great customer service and exceed your expectations every time you give us the opportunity to work for you. Please give us a call today to arrange an appointment.