Our WQA Membership & Master Water Specialist!

July 9, 2024

We recently announced a new addition to our team at Save Home Heat Company, Chip Howes, who now heads up our water treatment team. Chip is a Water Quality Association certified Master Water Specialist and among other things, he has spearheaded our membership in this highly reputable, longstanding industry organization.

In this post, we’ll take a look at several aspects of the Water Quality Association (WQA) and how our membership brings great value to homeowners in the Denver-Boulder metro area. We’ll also look closer at Chip’s distinguished WQA Master Water Specialist certification, one of many reasons we are so pleased to have him on our team.

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But First: What is the WQA?

Water Quality Assoc. logo-lg. vert. blue. blkThe Water Quality Association is a global nonprofit organization that represents over 2,500 members in the residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment sectors. Through product and technician certification, and facilitating the exchange of information between industry professionals around the world, the WQA helps water quality professionals develop more effective water treatment products and practices. Ultimately, the WQA helps put the right tools into the hands of qualified professionals in order to help them improve water quality for people in many walks of life around the world.

As a highly respected and recognized worldwide resource on water quality, the WQA has been educating and promoting water quality betterment for over 50 years.

The WQA offers many services, including:

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  • Research dedicated to exploring and highlighting the benefits of treated water
  • An objective certification program to help manufacturers ensure that their  products conform to accepted industry quality, safety, and performance standards
  • Independent testing to assist in the development and improvement of many different water treatment products, including lab tests, literature review, and materials assessment
  • Ongoing education, including a variety of training programs, online factsheet and research knowledge bases, webinars, forums, and special events focused on water quality assessment and performance for industry professionals
  • A multi-level, water treatment technician-specialist professional certification & re-certification program, emphasizing a broad range of areas including homeowner consultation, treatment system design, installation, and service, as well as certifying knowledge and experience levels.

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The Value of WQA Membership for Denver-Boulder Homeowners

As more and more homeowners continue to pay closer attention to the nature of their home’s water supply – with products such as water softeners, RO filters, and lead and PFAS filters becoming more common – consulting a trusted specialist in this field can be crucial to comfortably navigating these relatively new waters. As a member of the Water Quality Association, with their wide range of resources, our team at Save Home Heat brings an even higher standard to the water quality services we provide to our customers in the Boulder-Denver metro area. And that’s just a start, read on!

Introducing Chip Howes: Our Staff Master Water Specialist!

Chip Howes, our water quality team leader, is a WQA-certified Master Water Specialist, one of very few individuals in the state of Colorado carrying and maintaining these credentials. Master Water Specialist is the highest level of professional certification offered by the Water Quality Association. Chip’s certification reflects extensive experience and expertise in a broad scope of water treatment applications and system design, focused on addressing health-related contaminants and other problem water conditions. That just begins to describe what Chip brings to the table for our customers.

In addition to completing appropriate coursework and a comprehensive exam, WQA-certified water specialists must abide by the WQA code of ethics and maintain their certification thru continuing education. This process ensures that they stay up to date with the very latest industry research and data.

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With Chip leading our water quality team, we’re able to give Denver-Boulder area homeowners top-level advice and guidance when it comes to selecting water treatment products that are the best fit for their needs and their home.

Our Team Stands Apart in Boulder-Denver Home Water Quality!

To the best of our knowledge, Save Home Heat Company is the only residential plumbing contractor in the Denver metro area that has three licensed Master Plumbers on staff, in addition to a WQA-certified Master Water Specialist. The peace of mind this gives our customers that your job is being done right from beginning to end cannot be overstated.

A Broad Line of Water Treatment Services and Products

black water softnerOur water quality team at Save Home Heat offers a full range of water treatment services and products for homeowners throughout the Denver-Boulder metro area, including:

  • Complete, no-hassle water testing services handled for you by our team – with no forms to download or bottles to mail!
  • Standard & enhanced performance whole-house water softeners
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration systems
  • Remediation of unhealthy bacteria in household water
  • Custom-designed filtration systems, employing high quality, industry standard components, closely targeting priority needs for our customers
  • Chlorine, sediment, rust, iron, lead, and other heavy metal water filters
  • PFAS chemical water filters
  • Carbon filtration (for taste and odor), pH adjustment, UV treatment, water alkalizers, remineralizers, and more!

Top Level Water Quality Services in the Denver-Boulder Metro Area

Reliable, professional water testing is the best way to learn more about the nature of your home’s water supply. If it’s been a while, this should be your first step, and in the Boulder-Denver area, our team can help. Accurate water testing will provide a reliable baseline for any further discussion about potential water treatment products.

Master Plumber Logo - redCall our team today to schedule a water test, or if you have any questions about water treatment products you may be considering. If it makes sense to consider a water quality upgrade for your home, install quotes are highly informative, low-pressure, and free.

Please keep our team at Save Home Heat Company in mind for all your home plumbing needs!

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