Outdoor Lighting Trending in Denver-Boulder: Floodlight Cameras!

December 27, 2023

Compared to the warmer months of the year, darkness outdoors around our homes during the winter can cause heightened concerns. Safety, in particular, takes on an expanded meaning when it’s snowy and icy outside, while security seems to be a growing issue for many homeowners all year round. Unfortunately, “porch pirates” appear to have expanded their activities to virtually any time of year, not just the holiday season. So it’s really no surprise that both security and safety are primary motivating factors for our outdoor lighting customers.

Our always-helpful electrical team at Save Home Heat Company suggested that we present an overview of the outdoor lighting products, brands, and locations around the house that are trending with our customers currently.

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Leading the way by far, are “smart” floodlight cameras installed on the exterior of the house and in other priority locations. Therefore, these outdoor lighting products will be the focus of this post.

The Benefits of Smart Floodlight Cameras

They go by a variety of names such as floodlight security cameras, floodlight cameras or cams, and smart floodlight cameras, just for starters. But regardless of the manufacturer’s chosen label, these are products that combine auto-sensing outdoor floodlights with a video camera, plus Wi-Fi connectivity. A variety of features that are either standard or optional with many different models make these great products to help enhance the safety of you, your family, and visitors to your home – along with improving your home’s security.

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There are several common reasons why homeowners choose to install floodlight cameras outside around their home. In addition to helping deter theft, the ability to record video footage of trespassers or intruders can assist law enforcement in a worst-case scenario. They can also be a helpful tool for keeping an eye on pets, as well as general activity outside around your home. In some cases, insurance providers may give discounts if you have a security camera installed – but don’t take our word for that!

Floodlight Security Camera Common Locations

Licensed Master Electrician in Colorado - Save Home HeatThe most common locations where our electrical team installs floodlight security cameras for homeowners are the front porch (for “porch pirate” prevention) and the sides and back of the house. The garage (sometimes detached) and walkways around the home are also regular locations where we install these smart video cameras. Detached structures such as a studio, workshop, or guest cottage are other locations that are routinely addressed by our team.

Dark Sky Considerations

Of course, common courtesy to nearby homes is a strong consideration whenever having outdoor lighting installed. Locations must be chosen carefully, and potential light pollution concerns should be addressed. In some municipalities, Boulder County in particular, there are specific guidelines in place that must be adhered to. In addition, organizations such as DarkSky Colorado are involved on the front lines of controlling light pollution in our region. In the Denver-Boulder area, please feel free to consult our electrical team if you have concerns about meeting the letter of the law while also being a good neighbor!

Floodlight Camera Features

There’s a broad range of features available on certain models of floodlight cameras. Here’s a quick overview of what’s out there from a range of manufacturers:

Live Video, Enhanced Motion Detection & More

Some of the most popular features that can be found in many smart security cameras include on-demand live video and enhanced motion detection for optimal performance detecting movement in the camera’s field of view. The ability to differentiate people, animals, and moving vehicles is also common. Another interesting feature is what’s known as “familiar faces recognition,” which pretty much speaks for itself.

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Enhanced Security Features

The list of enhanced features available on many different floodlight cameras, designed to help boost your home’s security goes on:

  • Built-in, remote-activated security siren
  • Two-way HD audio
  • Day and night, 1080p HD live view, with color-enhanced night view
  • Customizable, real-time smart phone alerts
  • A range of video replay and storage options, including cloud storage, for expanded recordkeeping of events that the camera captures

Even More Viewing Options!

Some of the models we surveyed offer additional viewing options that include customizable motions zones and a variety of field of view widths (110 degree and 143 degree are common). Adjustable brightness and motion detector sensitivity, and light-off timing are also available, along with models that come with different lumen (light) ratings.

LED lighting is the most popular bulb/fixture choice with the homeowners we serve, and lastly, spotlights are a regular alternative to floods for more focused lighting applications.

Power Options for Floodlight Cameras

Powering your floodlight camera can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on the manufacturer and specific models. Your power options may include hard wiring to the home’s electrical system; wireless, battery-powered products (with disposable or rechargeable battery options); solar-powered; and units that simply plug in to a standard electrical outlet. A few models we read about even offer ethernet power! Please feel free to consult our lighting team on the best power match for your particular needs and locations.

Floodlight Cam Brands Trending With Our Customers

Currently, our electrical team is installing plenty of products supplied by Ring, Google Nest, and blink (purchased by Amazon approx. 6 years ago), among others. Our team is glad to assist with supplying product, or if you’d prefer, we regularly install owner-provided floodlight cameras, as well.

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Up and Coming Wi-Fi Home Controls – Decora Smart!

Leviton Decora Smart - phone in hand with outdoor home lighting background

The versatile Decora Smart home control system from electrical industry leader Leviton continues to gather momentum with homeowners in the Boulder-Denver metro area, as well as around the country. Those of us who are leaning into the tech-savvy lifestyle and embracing smart phone connectivity – not just the younger generations – value the broad range of Decora Smart indoor and outdoor lighting remote control features which, among others, includes vacation mode, sunrise/sunset coordination, and programmable dimming and brightening with customizable fade rates.

In addition to lighting, the Decora Smart system from Leviton can provide control of many other devices that are connected to your home’s electrical system. Our team would be glad to discuss Decora Smart with you in more detail and of course, install quotes are low-pressure and free.

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Considering Floodlight Security Cameras for Your Denver-Boulder Area Home?

IECRM electr. assoc. _proud member_ logo For expert advice and professional installation of flood and spot lighting and lighting controls for inside or outside of your Boulder-Denver metro area home – or for any of your home electrical needs – please speak with our electrical team at Save Home Heat Company today. As we mentioned above, installation quotes are always friendly, free, highly informative, and low-pressure.

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