Plumbing Problems You Should Definitely Call a Professional For

April 13, 2018

Flooded Living Room Part of the “fun” of being a homeowner is that you can attempt to fix things around the house yourself without answering to anyone, except maybe your spouse, if something goes wrong. DIY projects can be a rewarding part of owning a home. But, there are times, especially when plumbing is involved, where professionals should be considered to save you some deep regret (“Hey, is that water I hear spraying?”). Not sure what you can handle and what you ought to bring in the big guns for? Hopefully, this guidance will help.

Anything Sewer Related

This is part ‘ick-factor,’ part ‘don’t make it worse.’ The stuff inside your drain lines is pretty gross, regardless which of your drains is affected. Venturing in there on your own might leave you regretting the choice. Also, many over-the-counter remedies designed to clear a clogged drain can make matters worse by eating through the pipe, slowly but surely. Unless you’re confident you can cope with it on your own, call in the pros. They have specialized equipment to clear the drain and should also have a sewer line camera to get an eye directly on potential issues, so the best course of action can be chosen without the guesswork. Experienced pros bring specialized knowledge to help cut directly to solutions. Most importantly, they will handle the ‘ick.’ If it’s a stopped up shower drain, kitchen or bathroom sink, a clogged main sewer line, or even tree roots invading the pipe, call or click for a plumbing and drains expert.

Water Where It Shouldn’t Be

If you’ve got water showing up where it shouldn’t be, this is often an indicator of a larger problem. Especially if you’re seeing water on the floor by your water heater or dripping from any part of your plumbing system where water is normally carried. Standing water can really cause problems. Extended exposure to even modest amounts of moisture can cause rotting, mold, and mildew. If the moisture is more significant, it can be a flat-out disaster. So if you’ve got water where you don’t expect to see it, and the solution is not obvious, call for backup.

Other Issues

These are two major areas you should not ignore, but there are plenty of other things that may crop up with your home’s plumbing. Toilets that run (fill in the punch line!), faucets that drip, inadequate hot water supply, or anything that just seems off can make a visit from a knowledgeable plumber worth the call.

Being a homeowner in the Denver/Boulder metro area will undoubtedly present you the opportunity to tackle household plumbing tasks on your own, if that’s your style. But it’s good to know you have a team of professional plumbing experts to reach out to if you dig yourself into too deep a hole, or just want to punt that responsibility to others from the very start. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today. Don’t forget to ask about our very reasonably priced HVAC maintenance programs, which include a thorough annual visual inspection of both your plumbing and electrical systems at no additional cost!