Really? I Can Turn My Porch Light On From Work?

February 28, 2018

Light Switch

Light Switches: Where We’ve Been

For almost as long as there have been electric lights, there have been wall switches to make them glow. Back in the day, some of those switches were pretty ornate and there was quite the assortment of styles. But for the last half century or so, the light switch has been pretty standard. You know what it looks like and can probably imagine the feel of it when you click it.

What Can Be Done Today?

Light SwitchWhile most light switches in service today remain pretty basic, know that you have some pretty cool options if you should desire advanced control and flexibility. With the advent of wireless technology, and the increasing usage of “smart home” products to keep you connected, your lighting can always be at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere. By making some fairly simple modifications to your switches, and installing an application on your phone and/or computer, remote control of your lighting is no longer a sci-fi, far-off future fantasy – it’s a current reality (no pun intended.)

Let’s say you worked later than expected and would like to have the front porch light on when you get home, for security. Boom, done! Maybe you’re out of town and would like to turn a light on at night to make it seem like you’re home – easy peasy. But of course, with the ever-increasing number of things in your home that can be regulated via the use of smart technology, it doesn’t just stop at light switches.

What Else Can You Control?

You know your schedule and lifestyle best, so consider what might be helpful for you and your household to control remotely, or even while you’re home lying in bed, on the phone, or watching your favorite show and don’t want to get up. If it’s controlled electrically in your home, there’s a good chance you can control it from your app.

This technology allows you to control the heating or cooling in your home, as well. If you have electric shades on your windows (or want them), their operation can be scheduled and manipulated from the app.

Is This For You?

Light switch and hand There’s a lot of cool stuff that you can control remotely – so now what? If any of this has piqued your interest, the next steps are easy. As is the way with many things, you can research the options yourself and give installing it a whirl – it’s not rocket science, but for most homeowners there is likely a better way than the DIY path.

Given the learning curve and specialized knowledge involved, DIY is not the best route for most – imagine “ZAP!”, and then “OUCH!!”, and the highly likely “%$#&*!”

Instead, if you’re interested and are ready to give your home a smart tech upgrade, making your life easier and more convenient (and hey, a little cooler, too!), give us a call. We can help guide you through it all and install the tech you’re looking for without the literal sparks flying and accidental cursing.