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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with A+ RatingSince 1979, Save Home Heat Company has been meeting the many needs of our homeowner customers, and we continue to maintain high standards of excellence and integrity with all our services. Keeping your home safe is crucial, and with our smoke alarm installation and replacement services for Lakewood, CO, we can help you better protect your home and your family. We’ve been recognized by many consumer advocacy groups for exceeding customer expectations, and we hold a long-standing A+ rating and full accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. From finding the right placements in your home for smoke alarms to providing quality installations to ensure your home is properly safeguarded, you can count on the friendly, experienced electrical team at Save Home Heat Company to help with all of your smoke alarm solutions.

We Provide:
  • New Smoke Alarm Installations
  • Smoke Alarm Replacements and Upgrades
  • Assessment of Placement and Quantity
  • Product Selection Assistance


Professional Smoke Alarm Installations

You depend on your smoke alarms to keep you informed in case of an emergency, and you can count on the experienced team at Save Home Heat Company to make sure the smoke alarms in your home are up to date and in all the right places to do their job effectively. Properly functioning smoke alarms, also known as smoke detectors (these are actually a commercial products), save lives, and you should check your alarms monthly to make sure they are working correctly. If it’s been more than ten years since you last replaced your alarms, have them replaced with professional smoke alarm installation service provided by one of our highly skilled electricians. We’ll assess your home and assist you in identifying the places that would benefit the most from a smoke alarm.

Smoke Alarm Installation in Lakewood Colorado - Save Home HeatOur team will answer any and all of your questions you may have in a friendly, informative, low-pressure manner.

Smoke Alarms:
  • Increase safety and security
  • Afford peace of mind
  • Reduce fire-related injuries and property damage
  • Save lives
  • Should be tested monthly and replaced approximately every ten years
  • Should be cleaned regularly, using vacuum with brush attachment


WiFi-Enabled, Communicating Smoke Alarm Installations

Licensed Master Electrician in ColoradoFor many years, new home code has required that all smoke alarms be interconnected so that if one is activated, all alarms will sound. This is, of course, the safest arrangement. Interwired smoke alarms could save your life. But with basement finishes, added coverage, and even home additions, connecting new smoke alarms by hardwire to the existing system is not always feasible. Enter, WiFi-enabled, communicating smoke alarms, which eliminate the hassle involved with running new wires through finished areas. Please ask our Master Electrician for more information and a free install quote.

Save Home Heat - Colorado TechnicianSave Home Heat Company has been committed to providing our customers with high-quality service for four decades. Our entire team will strive on a daily basis to exceed your expectations. We will consistently follow up with you to make sure that you’re happy with all of our work. You can trust and depend on our advice and recommendations, always offered with your best interests in mind.

For more information about our smoke alarm services, or any of our highly rated home services, please contact us today.