Summer’s Coming, So Plan Ahead Now

March 25, 2019

Summer is Coming Plan Ahead Air ConditioningAs summertime approaches, many people in the Boulder/Denver area start thinking about how they’ll stay cool at home when the temperatures start climbing. Whether you’re considering a new cooling system or need to tune up an existing one, the crew at Save Home Heat is prepared to fulfill your needs.

Ideal Time for AC Installation Is Now

Instead of waiting until it gets really hot out, and there’s a line of homeowners waiting somewhat patiently for their new air conditioners to be installed, now is the ideal time to talk with us about your new installation for the coming season. That way, when outdoor temperatures rise, you’ll be all set to go.

Having a new AC system installed during the springtime also allows you the best opportunity to take advantage of a variety of rebates available from quality manufacturers such as Lennox, as well as local utility provider Xcel Energy.

If a new cooling system is in the cards for you this year, here’s a brief overview of our most popular home cooling systems, to help get you started thinking:

Central AC: Quieter & More Efficient Than Ever

There’s no question that, along with manageable utility bills, our central air conditioning customers strongly prefer quieter operating sound levels, both indoors and outside. Enter, two-stage and variable output central AC. Much quieter and less intrusive than the ‘traditional’ single-stage systems that many of us grew up with (and which are still very popular), these high-efficiency, multi-stage units operate at full capacity only when outdoor conditions warrant it, ie. VERY HOT outside! When the weather is not quite as brutal, they operate at reduced cooling output, running even quieter and using even less electricity than other high-efficiency systems.

Just as noteworthy, multi-stage systems provide more even cooling and enhanced comfort levels all around your home, helping reduce those bothersome hot spots and hotter upstairs floors.

Two-stage and variable output AC systems often require that the furnace be upgraded to a unit with compatible features, but our customers all seem to agree that it was the right move for them, providing similar benefits for heating as well as for cooling.

Ductless Air Conditioners:  Ultra Quiet Room & Area Cooling

These versatile, high-efficiency AC systems are extremely popular for cooling areas in the home where a central system doesn’t do a good enough job (such as upstairs bedrooms), or for areas that need some help while the rest of the home is nice and comfortable. Also known as ductless mini-splits, these products are great for adding a ‘zoning’ feature to complement an existing central comfort system, or for adding cooling to homes heated by hot water or other non-ducted systems.

Also available in heat pump models, for both heating and cooling, ductless mini-split systems are ultra quiet outside and indoors, and feature modern styled, unobtrusive indoor blower units that can be installed out of the way high on an interior wall, among other options. Ductless systems are typically operated by a remote control, hand-held thermostat, which can also be installed on the wall, if preferred.

When Is The Right Time for Annual Maintenance?

It’s pretty well accepted in this day and age that annual maintenance of home comfort systems such as your furnace and air conditioner is crucial to maintaining the lowest operating costs and greatest comfort levels, helping to avoid unforeseen parts failures, and assuring the longest system life. Many homeowners may also be aware that an air conditioner cannot be properly serviced until outdoor temperatures are warm enough to run the system under summer-like conditions – so an AC tune-up performed on a sunny, yet chilly April afternoon will not be receiving the complete attention it requires.

That leaves a couple of options:
  • 1) Get ‘on line’ in late spring along with many homeowners, planning on annual maintenance as soon as outdoor temperatures are high enough – while keeping your fingers crossed that your valued HVAC tech doesn’t get too buried with emergency calls to make it to your appointment that day; or,
  • 2) If your AC worked fine at the end of last summer, just make sure a few simple things are taken care of before turning on the cooling – clean furnace filter, humidifier turned off, thermostat switched to ‘cool’ – and instead plan annual maintenance for the period of time after the first rush of emergency calls. After the first rounds of heat waves have passed, your technician will be better able to provide your system the complete attention to detail and thorough servicing that it deserves, without the specter of multiple emergency calls looming over his or her shoulder. Of course, if you have a couple of quick refresher questions, please give us a call and someone in our service department would be glad to assist.

At Save Home Heat, we understand the delicate balancing act involved with providing professional service during peak-demand periods. We do our best to keep all of our customers happy during these times, but like it or not, available manpower can’t help but become an issue. That’s the reality for all HVAC contractors. For this reason, we encourage our customers to learn more about our annual maintenance agreements, which provide discounted annual service scheduled for a time that’s in the best interests of both you and us. SHH maintenance agreements also include special discounts on repairs and replacements, plus annual assessments by one of our expert plumbers and one of our skilled electricians, to help assure your safety and peace of mind with those important home systems.

We’ll Keep You Cool

In the Denver-Boulder area, you can trust Save Home Heat Company to have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide you and your home with the cooling system that makes the most sense for your unique circumstances – and to provide you with reliable, professional service for many years to come. In addition to all your heating and cooling needs, we hope you’ll also turn to us for anything plumbing, hot water and drains, or electrical related.

Please call us today to learn more about our installation, repair, and maintenance services.