Sump Pump Services - Save Home HeatFrom sump pump replacement to repairs and maintenance, Save Home Heat Company is a highly reputable choice for homeowners in Superior, CO and surrounding communities. Our highly skilled plumbing team has decades of experience and the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with the sump pump products and service that are the right match for your home. We service all makes and models of sump pumps, and can supply basic replacement options, as well as premium solutions with all the safety and backup features available.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatWe hold a long-standing full accreditation and an A+ rating with the Denver-Boulder Better Business Bureau, in addition to receiving numerous annual awards from the BBB and other organizations. This is a reflection of our strong daily commitment to exceeding the expectations of every customer we assist. Whether you’re in need of a prompt sump pump repair, routine maintenance, or you’re interested in learning more about options for a newer model, we’re ready to help. you can count on Save Home Heat Company for all of your sump pump needs for your home in Superior.

Sump Pump Services We Offer:
  • Sump pump repairs
  • Routine annual sump pump maintenance
  • Sump pump replacements and upgrades
  • New sump pump installations

Reputable Superior Sump Pump Repairs and Service

Sump Pump InstallationIt is not uncommon for some Superior homeowners to have a permanently installed sump pump in the basement of their homes. A sump pump offers protection from flooding and damage to the foundation and other aspects of your home, including personal belongings. Located in a lined basin, or ‘sump pit,’ that has been carved out below the floor of your basement, sump pumps sense excessive water levels and then remove this water safely outside away from your home.

As your sump pump plays an essential part in maintaining the safety and integrity of your home, it makes sense to have it professionally inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Our skilled plumbers perform detailed, meticulous maintenance to ensure your sump pump is working exactly as intended. During maintenance, we inspect, clean, and test the entire sump pump system. This includes the pump, controls, liner, indoor and outdoor discharge piping, and any other aspects of the system we’re servicing.

Master Plumber Logo - redWe provide clear documentation of our visit and take the time to review our findings and recommendations, if any, with our customers in a clear, stress-free manner. If additional work is recommended or needed, we may provide options to choose from, with no sales agenda, ever. If repairs make the most sense, that’s what our focus and recommendations will be on. Every case and customer is treated uniquely.

Common Problems With Sump Pumps:
  • Debris clogging the pump, sump screen, or discharge line
  • Motor failure due to age or other factors
  • Load exceeding pump and/or sump pit capabilities
  • Freeze in discharge piping
  • Failed float switch or check valve
  • Float switch stuck open or closed
  • Loud noises or vibrations coming from system
  • Power supply or wiring issues
  • Poor installation practices
  • Neglected routine maintenance

Quality Sump Pump Replacement and Installation in Superior

Zoeller Pump Company - Sump Pump Installation ServicesMost standard sump pumps have a lifespan of around 10 years, give or take. If your current sump pump is about ready to hit the higher end of that range, or you know your sump pump is on its last legs, you can count on Save Home Heat Company to provide expert, professional replacement advice and service. Our team installs high quality Zoeller sump pumps. An industry leader that was founded in 1939, Zoeller has been manufacturing efficient, reliable, durable sump pumps for decades. Zoeller pumps are always 100% factory-tested underwater and are only approved for sale after meeting strict standards of quality.

We carry and install a complete range of sump pumps that includes both standard submersible pumps and models with enhanced performance features. Some of the available upgrades include overflow alarms for the sump pit, power-outage backup operating batteries, and even dual-pump systems in which one pump acts as a backup for the primary pump. That’s a lot of extra peace of mind that might make sense for some applications! Our expert plumbing team is prepared to assist you in choosing the best option for your home.

Meeting Superior’s Sump Pump Needs

Save Home Heat in Business Since 1979For more than 40 years, Save Home Heat Company has provided Superior and neighboring Metro Denver cities and towns with a full range of quality home services. Providing exceptional service and earning your confidence, trust, and future business is our primary focus whenever you allow us the opportunity to work in your home. Whether for sump pumps, home plumbing, or any of our top-rated home services, you can count on our team to strive to achieve your complete satisfaction with our work.

If you would like to request more information, schedule a service call, or receive a free, low-pressure install quote, please contact our team today.

Our Full Company Services Includes:
  • Expert AC Repair, Maintenance, and Installation – Central and Ductless Systems
  • Furnace, Boiler, and Heat Pump Repairs, Annual Maintenance, Upgrades, Replacements and Installation
  • Complete Home Plumbing Services
  • Comprehensive Residential Electrical Services
  • Water Heater Services – Repairs, Replacement, and Upgrade – Standard, High Recovery, Tankless, and more
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